Greyhound Predictor Version 2.0

Predict your own winners with this greyhound racing software, tipping tool and game! Just enter the requested formlines into the 'Predictor' to gain a unique insight into a future race, or simply visit the Betting Lounge to have a private bet between friends.

Greyhound Predictor really is the tipping tool with a difference!

System requirements and free trial download of Greyhound Predictor.

Full version registration only 15 US dollars.

New features in Greyhound Predictor v2.0

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The Science of Greyhound Racing Prediction

In the article "The Science of Greyhound Racing Prediction", Guy provides an in-depth look at the art and science of predicting dog races. A must read for all greyhound enthusiasts!

Greyhound Museum and Race Information

Greyhound Predictor website now includes an Info section, which discusses the need for a greyhound museum to be opened here in Great Britain. British track records, English track types, British track lengths and a forecast betting look-up table is also provided.

Watch future greyhound races run in real-time, and improve your chances of successfully predicting winners!

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