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2012 English Dog Results and Scottish Derby Result

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
10/01/12 Prestige Hall Green 645m Express Trend Liz McNair (Unattached) 39.83s
18/01/12 Coronation Cup Romford 575m Rathglass Hero Norah McEllistrim (Hove) 35.23s
07/02/12 Henlow Puppy Derby Henlow 460m Coolavanny Bert John Gardner (Unattached) 27.93s
18/02/12 Golden Jacket Crayford 714m Blue Bee Matt Dartnall (Swindon) 45.95s
25/02/12 Trafalgar Cup Oxford 450m Guinness Dusty Seamus Cahill (Hove) 26.87s
28/02/12 Racing Post Juvenile Wimbledon 480m Eden Star Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 28.59s
28/02/12 Springbok Wimbledon 480m (H) Westmead Melanie Nick Savva (Unattached) 29.59s
08/03/12 Arc Swindon 480m Ballymac Cryan Matt Dartnall (Swindon) 28.47s
15/03/12 Midland Puppy Derby Monmore Green 480m Newinn Rocket Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.57s
13/04/12 SCOTTISH DERBY FINAL Shawfield 480m Barefoot Allstar Paul Hennessy (IRE) 28.76s
18/04/12 Blue Riband Hall Green 480m Young Sid Paul Young (Romford) 28.31s
20/04/12 Golden Sprint Romford 400m Blonde Snapper Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 23.89s
25/04/12 Puppy Derby Peterborough 420m Be Real David Mullins (Romford) 25.52s
26/05/12 ENGLISH DERBY FINAL Wimbledon 480m Blonde Snapper Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 28.65s
26/05/12 English Derby Plate Wimbledon 480m Taylors Cruise Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 28.72s
26/05/12 Derby Invitation Stakes Wimbledon 480m Bubbly Phoenix Paul Young (Romford) 28.22s
26/05/12 Champion Hurdle Wimbledon 480m (H) Olivers Twist Lisa Stephenson (Sheffield) 29.37s
26/05/12 Dorando Marathon Wimbledon 894m Ayamzagirl Mark Wallis (Romford) 56.03s
12/06/12 Regency Hove 695m Mr Chow Chris Lund (Doncaster) 41.03s
19/06/12 Pall Mall Oxford 450m You Mind Me Frank Taylor (Unattached) 26.89s
22/06/12 Summer Stayers Classic Festival Monmore 630m Mark My Words Paul Sallis (Hall Green) 37.50s
26/06/12 Gymcrack Stakes Kinsley 462m Droopys Hope George Oswald (Unatt) 27.21s
07/07/12 Golden Crest Poole 450m Out In Chill Philip Chatfield (Poole) 26.99s
12/07/12 Classic Sunderland 450m Loughteen Blanco Seamus Cahill (Hove) 26.95s
12/07/12 Grand Prix Sunderland 640m Swabys Princess Paul Young (Romford) 40.49s
18/07/12 Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Silverview Pinky Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 30.28s
20/07/12 Rose Bowl Romford 575m Express Trend Liz McNair (Unattached) 35.06s
21/07/12 66th British Bred Produce Stakes Swindon 480m Peacemaker John Millard (Coventry) 28.47s
31/07/12 Sussex Cup Hove 515m Westmead Maldini Nick Savva (Unattached) 29.65s
04/08/12 Peterborough Derby Peterborough 420m Lil Risky Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 24.99s
04/08/12 Cock O'The North Belle Vue 670m Ballyard Buddy Stuart Mason (Unatt) 40.68s
07/08/12 English Puppy Derby Wimbledon 480m Farlow Warhawk Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 28.32s
14/08/12 Steel City Cup Sheffield 480m Skywalker Louie Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.77s
21/08/12 Grand National Sittingbourne 480m (H) Baran Bally Hi Derek Knight (Hove) 29.53s
21/08/12 Kent Derby Sittingbourne 480m Ballycowen Dave Chris Allsop (Monmore) 29.01s
24/08/12 Midland Gold Cup Monmore 480m Mags Gamble Harry Williams (Newcastle) 28.34s
24/08/12 August Festival 630 Monmore 630m Granard Bound Stuart Mason (Unatt) 38.25s
27/08/12 Puppy Classic Nottingham 500m Ballymac Eske Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 29.83s
30/08/12 Brighton Belle Hove 515m Jaytee Monroe Paul Young (Romford) 29.93s
02/09/12 Silver Salver Sittingbourne 450m Pams Tomjo Wayne Wrighting (Hove) 27.28s
04/09/12 Yorkshire St Leger Doncaster 661m Peggys Style Chris Allsop (Monmore) 42.21s
12/09/12 Champion Stakes Romford 575m Smiler Jack Chris Mosdall (Wimbledon) 35.28s
13/09/12 Northern Flat Championship Belle Vue 470m Alien Planet Stuart Mason (Unatt) 27.50s
27/09/12 Olympic Hove 515m Ballymac Eske Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 29.40s
20/09/12 66th East Anglian Derby Yarmouth 462m Bubbly Phoenix Paul Young (Romford) 27.36s
20/09/12 East Anglian Derby Invitation Yarmouth 462m Boher Paddy Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 27.44s
27/09/12 Northern Oaks Belle Vue 470m Droopys Loner Dean Childs (Hove) 27.59s
28/09/12 Puppy Cup Romford 400m Glanmire Lad Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 24.41s
08/10/12 Produce Stakes Nottingham 500m Romeo Recruit David Firmager (Nottingham) 29.61s
09/10/12 Henlow Derby Henlow 460m Loughteen Blanco Seamus Cahill (Hove) 27.79s
13/10/12 Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Crinkel Jewel Kevin Hutton (Swindon) 45.80s
17/10/12 All England Cup Newcastle 480m Mags Gamble Harry Williams (Newcastle) 28.20s
17/10/12 Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Teejays Bluehawk Paul Young (Romford) 28.38s
17/10/12 Great North Run Newcastle 670m Ballyard Buddy Stuart Mason (Unatt) 40.61s
17/10/12 Angel Of The North Oaks Newcastle 480m Brunswick Jenny Harry Williams (Newcastle) 28.61s
18/10/12 Scurry Gold Cup Belle Vue 260m Drumna Ice Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 15.22s
20/10/12 80th Cesarewitch Oxford 645m Droopys Xavier Claude Gardner (Hove) 44.56s
25/10/12 TV Trophy Monmore Green 835m Blonde Reagan Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 51.98s
25/10/12 Henlow Gold Cup Henlow 550m Westmead Bertie Nick Savva (Henlow) 33.66s
27/10/12 Oxfordshire Gold Cup Oxford 450m Barnish Booth Kevin Hutton (Swindon) 26.91s
03/11/12 Fengate Collar Peterborough 420m Markeys Dragon Heather Dimmock (Pbrgh) 26.11s
13/11/12 Yorkshire Oaks Sheffield 500m Bansha Mo Harry Crapper (Sheffield) 28.55s
22/11/12 English St Leger Wimbledon 687m Blonde Reagan Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 41.87s
28/11/12 Eclipse Nottingham 500m Sawpit Sensation Dave Hunt (Perry Barr) 29.16s TR
08/12/12 Super Paws Poole 450m Milwards Matt Paul Young (Romford) 26.51s
12/12/12 Essex Vase Romford 575m Star Cash Simon Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 35.08s
13/12/12 Sussex Puppy Cup Hove 515m Lenson Champ Tony Collett (Sittingbourne) 30.18s
16/12/12 Golden Muzzle Coventry 485m Castlebride Dan Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 29.19s
17/12/12 National Sprint Nottingham 305m Jumeirah Dubai Julie Calvert (Sunderland) 17.71s
20/12/12 Oaks Wimbledon 480m Droopys Hope Liz McNair (Unattached) 28.83s
20/12/12 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 500m Romeo Recruit Dave Firmager (Notts) 30.23s
20/12/12 Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m Farley Seymour Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 30.48s
26/12/12 Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m Pantone Ava David Mullins (Romford) 58.80s

2012 Irish Greyhound Results and Northern Ireland Derby Result

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
28/01/12 Tyrur McGuigan Open 575 Shelbourne 575y Broadstrand Lad John Linehan 31.59s
31/01/12 Festival Unraced Stakes Clonmel 525y Camas Owen McKenna 28.53s
11/02/12 Kennedy Cup Limerick 525y Cashen Mafuma Chris Houlihan 28.56s
04/02/12 Joe Dunne Puppy Memorial Shelbourne 525y Droopys Jet Robert Gleeson 28.39s
10/03/12 Tote Gold Cup Shelbourne 525y Piecetown Sands Seamus Whelan 29.71s
23/03/12 Juvenile Classic Tralee 525y Airforce Diva Owen McKenna 28.32s
31/03/12 Cesarewitch Mullingar 600y Subway Ruth Francie Murray 33.07s
14/04/12 Cork Oaks Curraheen 525y Smoke Pixie Howard Wallace 28.50s
14/04/12 Easter Cup Shelbourne 550y Tyrur Big Mike P J Fahy 29.73s
21/04/12 Formula One Grand Prix Cork 525y Milldean Panther John O'Flynn 28.24s
27/04/12 McCalmont Cup Kilkenny 525y Shaneboy Spencer Colette Kiely 29.01s
05/05/12 Puppy Oaks Shelbourne 525y Borna Gem Ruairi Dwan 28.45s
06/05/12 Produce Stakes Clonmel 525y Power Of God Owen McKenna 28.65s
12/05/12 600 Shelbourne 600y Kingo Dolores Ruth 32.40s
14/05/12 Limerick Oaks Limerick 525y Tyrur Cool Kevin Loughlane 28.66s
19/05/12 Larry Dunne Open 525 Shelbourne 525y Sparta Maestro Philip Gough 28.47s
19/05/12 Lee Strand 550 Tralee 550y Money Talks Paul Hennessy 29.65s
03/06/12 Champion Unraced Stake Kilkenny 525y Helens Champ Helen Cashin 28.56s
08/06/12 Cox Cup Newbridge 550y Quail Hollow Francie Murray 29.82s
09/06/12 Barrys Tea Open 750 Cork 750y Stallone Bart Bridie Moore 41.93s
23/06/12 Irish Oaks Shelbourne 525y Milldean Tally John O'Flynn Jnr 28.75s
23/06/12 NORTHERN IRISH DERBY FINAL Drumbo Park 550y Captain Scolari Gerry Holian 29.67s
24/06/12 TSC Munster Derby Clonmel 525y Shaneboy Spencer Colette Kiely 28.52s
29/06/12 Champion Juvenile Kilkenny 525y Skywalker Puma Francis O'Donnell 28.90s
29/06/12 Con Kirby Memorial Limerick 550y Laughill Billy Patrick Guilfoyle 29.79s
30/06/12 Race Of Champions Tralee 550y Razldazl Rioga Dolores Ruth 29.58s
06/07/12 Longford Derby Longford 550y Subway Ruth Francie Murray 29.68s
12/07/12 International Dundalk 550y Quail Hollow Francie Murray 29.76s
13/07/12 Corn Cuchulainn 750 Harold's Cross 750y Stallone Barts Bridie Moore 41.98s
21/07/12 Champion Stakes Shelbourne 550y Droopys Jet Fraser Black 29.46s
03/08/12 Puppy Oaks Harold's Cross 525y Borna Gem Ruairi Dwan 28.45s
05/08/12 Tipperary Cup Thurles 525y Boherna House Rachel Wheeler 28.70s
19/08/12 Irish Sprint Cup Dundalk 400y Cambushmore Graham Holland 21.01s
19/08/12 Rose Of Tralee Tralee 525y Barefoot Printer Joe Carey 28.77s
31/08/12 Puppy Derby Newbridge 525y Plutos Hawk Mrs Anne Stack 28.66s
08/09/12 IRISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL Shelbourne 550y Skywalker Puma Francis O'Donnell 29.39s
08/09/12 Derby Consolation Shelbourne 550y Ballymac Vic Liam Dowling 29.46s
21/09/12 Future Champion Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Killinan Cash Joe Mcllhone 28.98s
05/10/12 Puppy Derby Harold's Cross 525y Razldazl Luke Dolores Ruth 28.52s
20/10/12 Laurels Curraheen 525y Knockglass Billy Liam O'Rourke 28.30s
06/10/12 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks Waterford 525y Katies Quadrigo Ronnie McKeown 28.51s
06/10/12 Kasco Open Unraced Thurles 525y Steeple Rd Andy Michael Wren 29.26s
26/10/12 Grand National Harold's Cross 525y (H) Baran Bally Hi Fraser Black 29.00s
10/11/12 Tennents Gold Cup Drumbo Park 525y China Special Cathal Maguire 28.71s
04/11/12 Munster Puppy Cup Clonmel 525y Ardfert Thunder Francis O'Donnell 28.71s
12/11/12 Memorial Oaks Newbridge 525y Highview Dolly Ian Waterworth 28.68s
12/11/12 Masters Waterford 550y Piecetown Sands Seamus Whelan 29.69s
17/11/12 Select Stakes Waterford 525y Milldean Tally John O'Flynn Jnr 28.67s
24/11/12 St Leger Limerick 550y Cashen Mafuma Chris Houlihan 29.57s
30/11/12 Rising Open Unraced Stake Youghal 525y Crompaun Jamesy Cornilious Foley 29.58s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 350 Shelbourne 350y Big Casino Daniel Graham 18.70s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 525 Shelbourne 525y Borna Gem Ruairi Dwan 28.08s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 550 Shelbourne 550y Ardfert Thunder Francis O'Donnell 29.58s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 575 Shelbourne 575y Abbeyville Tipp Peter Tiernan 31.21s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 600 Shelbourne 600y Sparta Maestro Philip Gough 32.29s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 750 Shelbourne 750y White Soks Roks Declan Byrne 41.44s
01/12/12 Night Of Stars 850 Shelbourne 850y Future Boy Jerry Griffin 47.53s
16/12/12 Comerford Cakes Puppy Stake Shelbourne 525y Leamaneigh Turbo Paddy Hennessy 28.56s
21/12/12 Ted Hegarty Marathon Harold's Cross 1010y Future Boy Jerry Griffin 57.76s
21/12/12 Tote Gold Collar Harold's Cross 550y Native Story Tony Byrne 30.61s
21/12/12 Kingdom Derby Tralee 525y Shaneboy Alley Michelle Kiely 28.37s
29/12/12 Christmas Oaks Shelbourne 525y Lochnamon Bridie Paul Hennesy 28.58s

Disclaimer: All race dates and times are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of these dog results.