The Science of Greyhound Racing Prediction by Guy Slade

It's not a Game? It's a Science!

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I enjoy following the "Open Race Scene" here in the South East of England. I am a keen collector of dog racing memorabilia, mainly old race programmes! and have previously attended meetings in Ireland, the USA and Australia.

In this article, I explain how to predict your own race winners by using the Greyhound Predictor v2.0 Software Program and discuss the various formlines and statistics required to be entered into the 'Race Predictor Stat Screen'.

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The Science of Greyhound Racing Prediction - Introduction

Greyhound Racing in the 21st Century allows us to interactively bet on the dogs. Combine this with RPGTV live race streaming, inter track betting exchanges and the ever increasingly popular number of dog racing websites, never before have we experienced such a revolution in greyhound information and technology!

Although, I first recommend you aquire a good 'informative newspaper' with full in-depth coverage of all today's meetings!

Greyhound Predictor Version 2.0 lets you predict races run over 3 middle-distances: 480 metres (525 yards), 500m (547 yards) and 515 metres (563 yards). Turn to the greyhound section and select a race close to any of these distances to obtain the best results!

If you haven't yet installed GP v2.0 then you can download a free trial. *The trial version is free to try before you buy! Please note: the full registered version will not display the start-up dialogue boxes or be limited to only one race per start up.

Now start up Greyhound Predictor, double click the Crystal Ball icon on your desktop. Once the 'Race Simulator' has loaded, Click I Agree to start the program running and press spacebar to move through the information screens.

From Main Menu you can select Predictor, Betting Lounge, Gallery, Information or Options by using the Up/Down cursor keys situated on your computer keypad. If you have any difficulties veiwing Greyhound Predictor v2.0, please see support page for further information.

By selecting the Option Menu you may alter the number of runners required and change any 'race length' into metres or yards or 'weights' into kilos or pounds.

Alternatively, by finding the Configuration Utility on your computer (Start - Programs - Greyhound Predictor v2.0 - Configuration) you can preset your own 'race settings' mentioned above as the default mode of your choice. Each time both six or eight dog races run in metres or yards, kilos or pounds will be saved for you!

Greyhound Predictor Software always runs in Full Screen Mode, therefore it's not possible to enter race data from internet websites unless you use two monitors!

Now are you ready to start predicting greyhound races?

From the Main Menu select Predictor to navigate throughout simply highlight your answers by using the Left/Right cursor keys on your keypad, when you have selected your answer Press Spacebar to continue.

GP v2.0 requires 10 form questions to be answered for each runner, although the first 3 questions always relate to each individual race set-up.

Please read on.

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The Science of Greyhound Racing Prediction

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