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2016 English Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
13/01/16 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Millwards Master Paul Young (Romford) 34.81s
27/01/16 Prestige Hall Green 645m Deanridge Pennys John Mullins (Yarmouth) 39.87s
09/02/16 Pinpoint Maiden Derby Final Newcastle 480m Droopys Benz Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 28.73s
09/02/16 Pinpoint 480 Invitation Newcastle 480m Pinpoint Boom Kelly Macari (Sunderland) 28.40s
09/02/16 Pinpoint 670 Invitation Newcastle 670m Shellam Delano Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 40.87s
16/02/16 Trainers' Championship Sittingbourne varied winner Kevin Hutton (Towcester)  
23/02/16 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Swift Whirlwind Mark Wallis (Towcester) 33.46s
23/02/16 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Final Crayford 714m Patchys Kerry Mark Wallis (Towcester) 44.94s
23/02/16 Ladbrokes 1048 Crayford 1048m Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 68.59sTR
06/03/16 Queen Mother Memorial Cup Sheffield 660m Clever Jamie Jim Davy (Sheffield) 38.83s
08/03/16 Racing Post Juvenile Wimbledon 480m Ballymac Ramsey Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 28.65s
08/03/16 William Hill Springbok Wimbledon 480m (H) Ballymac Manix Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.11s
08/03/16 British Bred Sprint Final Wimbledon 273m Mac Foiche Richard Devenish (Pbor) 16.06s
08/03/16 Lawrence Bros Intertrack Trophy Wimbledon 480m Ballymac Jake Richard Devenish (Pbor) 28.86s
17/03/16 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Castell Henry Philip Simmonds (Romford) 28.30s
18/03/16 Coral Golden Sprint Final Romford 400m Droopys Story Paul Young (Romford) 24.13s
19/03/16 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Crayford 540m Sheknowstherules Barry O'Sullivan (Crayford) 33.54s
22/03/16 Towcester Sprint Final Towcester 260m Quivers Lima Richard Baker (Hall Green) 15.53s
23/03/16 The Calne Racing Arc Swindon 480m Ballymac Brogan Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.49s
27/03/16 Bunny Gold Cup Final Henlow 550m Mossvale Ace Derek Knight (Hove) 33.39s
29/03/16 Mervyn Cross Memorial Invitation Towcester 480m Domino Storm Mark Wallis (Towcester) 28.01s
02/04/16 Dual Distance Hurdle Trophy Crayford 540m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (Unattached) 33.91s
05/04/16 Three Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Patchys Kerry Mark Wallis (Towcester) 38.77s
09/04/16 RPGTV SCOTTISH DERBY FINAL Shawfield 480m Hot Pipe Jim 'Scotchie' Brown (Shawfield) 29.09s
09/04/16 RPGTV Puppy Final Shawfield 480m Newinn Champ Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.87s
09/04/16 Greyhound Trophy Final Shawfield 500m Halcrow Bound Julie Bateson (Unattached) 30.25s
20/04/16 Gymcrack Final Kinsley 462m Droopys Trapeze Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 27.23s
23/04/16 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Trophy Crayford 714m Muskerry Mona Paul Tomsett (Crayford) 45.89s
24/04/16 Henlow Masters Henlow 460m Coolavanny Gooch John Gardner (Henlow) 27.57s
26/04/16 BresMed Northern Sprint Sheffield 280m Glenanore Ace Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 15.94s
26/04/16 BresMed British Bred Puppy 500 Sheffield 500m Geelo Onesie Carl Perry (Sheffield) 29.08s
26/04/16 BresMed Ladies Sheffield 500m Domino Storm Mark Wallis (Towcester) 28.27s TR
26/04/16 BresMed Marathon Sheffield 934m Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 56.28s TR
26/04/16 Breda Walsh Memorial Trophy A7 Harlow 415m Aero Frank Roy Griffin (Central Park) 26.47s
04/05/16 Coral Regency Final Hove 695m Billys Bullet Mark Wallis (Towcester) 41.31s
04/05/16 Brinkley Future Champion Unraced Hove 515m Droopys Missouri Paul Young (Romford) 29.75s
29/05/16 David Naughton Memorial Sprint Henlow 277m Uluru Candy Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 16.32s
03/06/16 Rose Bowl Romford 575m Johns Present Paul Young (Romford) 35.43s
04/06/16 WILLIAM HILL DERBY FINAL Wimbledon 480m Jaytee Jet Paul Hennessey (IRE) 28.22s
04/06/16 William Hill Derby Plate Wimbledon 480m Charity Buster John Lambe (Perry Barr) 28.67s
04/06/16 William Hill Champion Hurdle Final Wimbledon 480m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (Central Park) 28.90s
04/06/16 William Hill Dorando Marathon Wimbledon 894m Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley (Unatt) 53.78s TR
15/06/16 Peterborough Puppy Derby Peterborough 435m Holdem Rio Heather Dimmock (Towcester) 26.24s
15/06/16 The Underground Sprint Trophy Peterborough 250m Rahyvira River Roger York (Pbrgh) 15.01s
21/06/16 Deluxe Flooring Puppy Final Newcastle 480m Newinn Blitz Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 29.12s
21/06/16 Wilf Husband Memorial Standard Newcastle 480m Slippy Perry Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 28.69s
25/06/16 Golden Crest Poole 450m Castlehyde King William Black (Poole) 26.36s
26/06/16 Henlow Mini Derby Henlow 428m Blackrose June Eric Cantillon (Henlow) 25.47s
05/07/16 Betfred Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Domino Storm Mark Wallis (Towcester) 29.34s
05/07/16 Betfred Select Stayers Nottingham 730m Borna Mindy Diane Henry (Unattached) 44.77s
13/07/16 William Hill Festival Flyer Final Sunderland 261m Walshes Hill Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 15.59s
13/07/16 William Hill Puppy Plate Final Sunderland 450m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 26.72s
13/07/16 William Hill Classic Sunderland 450m Roxholme Scolari Hayley Keightley (Unattached) 26.75s
13/07/16 William Hill Grand Prix Sunderland 645m Pinpoint Boom Kelly Macari (Sunderland) 39.27s
23/07/16 70th British Bred Produce Stakes Swindon 480m Bansha Rooskey David Acott (Perry Barr) 28.83s
27/07/16 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Ela Ela Genie Mark Wallis (Towcester) 16.26s
27/07/16 Coral Puppy Trophy Hove 515m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 29.73s
27/07/16 Coral Ladies Trophy Hove 515m Live Annie Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.66s
27/07/16 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m Barricane Tiger Patrick Janssens (Towcester) 29.79s
03/08/16 Blackstone Marco Retirement Towcester 500m Swift Whirlwind Mark Wallis (Towcester) 29.75s
03/08/16 Television Trophy Towcester 906m Borna Mindy Diane Henry (Unattached) 56.57s
10/08/16 Fosters Challenge Grand Final Yarmouth 462m Old Joe Golden Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 27.86s
12/08/16 Doug Tyler Summer Cup Romford 575m Millwards Master Paul Young (Romford) 35.16s
13/08/16 Kent National Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Reculver Ossie Barry O'Sullivan (Crayford) 23.93s
18/08/16 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Final Monmore 480m Jaytee Sparticus Paul Young (Romford) 27.83s
18/08/16 Kai Laidlaw Trafalgar Cup Monmore 480m Charity Dragon Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.20s
18/08/16 Ladbrokes Summer Classic Final Monmore 630m Ferryforth Fran Mark Wallis (Towcester) 37.86s
23/08/16 Pinpoint Summer Stayers Trophy Pelaw 590m Overcharge Darren Whitton (Henlow) 36.38s
27/08/16 Lowther Stakes (Bitches) Towcester 500m Crossfield Molly Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.45s
28/08/16 Henlow Maiden Derby Henlow 460m Skywalker Archie Peter Swadden (Swindon) 27.80s
29/08/16 Puppy Classic Final Nottingham 500m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 29.75s
31/08/16 Champions Night Bitches Final Romford 400m Banabane Seamus Cahill (Hove) 24.38s
31/08/16 Champions Night Puppy Standard Romford 400m Droopys Schnozz Jason Heath (Hove) 23.94s
31/08/16 Coral Champion Stakes Final Romford 575m Ascot Woodie John Mullins (Yarmouth) 35.40s
31/08/16 Champions Night Marathon Romford 750m Dashing Star John Mullins (Yarmouth) 47.13s
03/09/16 Ladbrokes Summer 540 Trophy Crayford 540m Seefin Aldo Julie Luckhurst (Crayford) 34.08s
06/09/16 Betfred Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Pinpoint Den Kelly Macari (Sunderland) 28.56s
14/09/16 John Smith's Sprint Grand Final Yarmouth 277m Scolari Sound David Pruhs (Peterborough) 16.24s
14/09/16 70th East Anglian Derby Marathon Yarmouth 843m Dashing Star John Mullins (Yarmouth) 53.79s
14/09/16 70th East Anglian Derby Invitation Yarmouth 462m Old Joe Golden Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 27.67s
14/09/16 70th East Anglian Derby Final Yarmouth 462m Clondoty Alex Mark Wallis (Towcester) 27.79s
21/09/16 PinPoint Yorkshire St Leger Final Doncaster 661m Rubys Rascal Mark Wallis (Towcester) 41.10s
27/09/16 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Final Crayford 380m Brick Mansions Katie O'Flaherty (Crayford) 23.22s
27/09/16 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Final Crayford 540m Yahoo Victor Barry O'Sullivan (Crayford) 33.34s
27/09/16 Ladbrokes Kent Cesarewitch Final Crayford 874m Dashing Star John Mullins (Yarmouth) 56.85s
30/09/16 Puppy Cup Final Romford 400m Kooga Klammer David Pruhs (Peterborough) 23.75s
01/10/16 BAPP Group Scurry Cup Belle Vue 260m Walshes Hill Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 15.14s
01/10/16 Northern Flat Championship Belle Vue 470m Ballymac Galtee Brian Stuart (Unattached) 27.75s
02/10/16 Maiden Gold Cup Henlow 550m Thirteen Bags Diane Henry (Unattached) 33.29s
04/10/16 The John Smith's Kent Derby Sittingbourne 480m Bubbly Bluebird Paul Young (Romford) 28.87s
04/10/16 Grand National Sittingbourne 480m (H) Ballymac Manix Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.32s
13/10/16 William Hill All England Cup Newcastle 480m Oscar Whisky Charlie Lister OBE (Unatt) 28.26s
13/10/16 Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Kildallon Bolt Heather Dimmock (Unattached) 28.65s
13/10/16 Angel Of The North Oaks Newcastle 480m Greenhill Gem Carol Weatherall (Perry Barr) 28.76s
13/10/16 William Hill Great North Run Newcastle 670m Ruby Rascal Mark Wallis (Towcester) 40.58s
22/10/16 Allan Speechley Fengate Collar Peterborough 435m Blakes Turbo Jean Liles (Crayford) 26.22s
22/10/16 S & D Stayers Trophy Peterborough 620m Parkers Poison Kim Robins (Henlow) 38.06s TR
25/10/16 British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Badabing John Mullins (Yarmouth) 29.94s
29/10/16 Kai Laidlaw St Mungo Cup Shawfield 480m Killeford Kane Neil Black (Unattached) 29.30s
30/10/16 RPGTV Henlow Derby Henlow 460m Lenson Santi Tony Collett (Central Park) 27.43s
03/11/16 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m Banabane Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.69s
08/11/16 RFS Puppy Derby Wimbledon 480m King Eden Liz McNair (Unattached) 28.46s
08/11/16 William Hill St Leger Final Wimbledon 687m Ferryforth Fran Mark Wallis (Towcester) 41.90s
22/11/16 Betfred Eclipse Stakes Nottingham 500m Droopys Buick Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 30.14s
26/11/16 Carlsberg Kent St Leger Final Crayford 714m Jimbobjoe Ricky Holloway (Central Park) 45.60s
06/12/16 British Bred Derby Towcester 500m Russanda Rubin Jim Hayton (Kinsley) 29.93s
07/12/16 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Bubbly Tornado Paul Young (Romford) 35.24s
07/12/16 Mitch Millward Memorial Marathon Romford 750m Slick Sebastian Patrick Janssens (Towcester) 47.29s
08/12/16 Coral Sussex Puppy Trophy Hove 515m Stun Gun Alma Keppie (Poole) 30.33s
08/12/16 Jimmy Jupp National Hurdle Hove 515m (H) Razldazl Raidio Ricky Holloway (Central Park) 30.37s
08/12/16 Ballyregan Bob Memorial Hove 695m Diego Flight Liz McNair (Unattached) 41.39s
11/12/16 The British Bred St Leger Central Park 642m Thinkingofdarcy Andrew Griffiths (Unattached) 39.52s
14/12/16 RPGTV Laurels Belle Vue 470m Hiya Butt Hayley Keightley (Unattached) 27.49s
14/12/16 RPGTV Oaks Belle Vue 470m Forest Twilight Hayley Keightley (Unattached) 27.79s
15/12/16 Billys Bullet Retirement Stakes Hove 695m Billys Bullet Mark Wallis (Towcester) 41.56s
15/12/16 RPGTV Puppy Derby Henlow 460m Azzurri Genesis Pat Rosney (Perry Barr) 28.00s
18/12/16 RPGTV Xmas Cracker Henlow 460m Liam Og Paul Crowson (Unattached) 27.83s
18/12/16 RPGTV Xmas Cesarewitch Henlow 550m Memphis Mafia Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 33.21s
18/12/16 RPGTV Xmas St Leger Henlow 692m Fizzypop Buddy Phil Simmonds (Romford) 42.83s
19/12/16 National Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Trapstyle Jet Jean Liles (Crayford) 17.64s
23/12/16 SIS/Bags Track Championship Perry Barr varied winner Towcester  
26/12/16 J B Riney Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m Maireads Ivy Derek Knight (Hove) 56.31s
27/12/16 Ryan Holmes Puppies Sheffield 500m Droopys Live Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.79s
27/12/16 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 500m Candlelight Fire Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 28.72s
29/12/16 Greyhound Olympic Final Hove 515m Droopys Buick Jimmy Wright (Newcastle) 29.89s

2016 Irish Greyhound Results

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
30/01/16 Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Final Shelbourne Park 525y Witches Belle Edel Twomey 28.78s
30/01/16 Red Mills & T.S.C. Unraced Stake Clonmel 525y CoolavannyWendy Fraser Black 28.35s
30/01/16 Guys & Dolls A3/A4 Final Clonmel 525y Blackrose Buddy David Whelan 28.52s
30/01/16 The Suirfield Kennels A0/A1 Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y Ballinakil Clare Graham Holland 28.62s
30/01/16 Sporting Press A1/A2 Stake Final Clonmel 550y Five Alley Pop Paul Hogan 30.09s
30/01/16 Red Mills & T.S.C. Super Marathon Clonmel 1015y Joyful Dribler Sean Dowling 58.18s
06/02/16 Vetsearch Recharge A3 Final Limerick 525y Orlando Dazl Breda Hayes 28.48s
13/02/16 The Gain Cup Curraheen Park 525y Jaytee Valencia Paul Hennessy 28.48s
13/02/16 Storm Control @ Stud Juvenile Final Shelbourne Park 525y Kilara Rex Paul Hennessy 28.47s
20/02/16 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Shelbourne Park 525y Slippery Fred Larry Dunne 28.62s
20/02/16 Yahoo Kennels Open 730 Waterford 730y Tradition Pat Dalton 40.11s
04/03/16 Insurances Juvenile Classic Tralee 525y Escapism Owen McKenna 28.35s
12/03/16 Red Mills & TSC Champion Bitch Stake Thurles Park 525y Rastafari Chic Jackie Roche 28.93s
12/03/16 Greyhound & Petworld Supersprint Curraheen Park 330y Quietly Ian Reilly 17.14s TR
19/03/16 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Shelbourne Park 550y Jaytee Jet Paul Hennessey 29.45s
25/03/16 Red Mills Open Unraced Bitch Stake Newbridge 525y Headford Maura Seamus Leahy 28.74s
27/03/16 Storm Control @ Stud Open Unraced Enniscorthy 525y Monbeg Costa Eamonn Doyle 29.22s
02/04/16 Barringtons Hospital Treaty Cup Limerick 350y Ballymac Bigmike Robert Gleeson 18.58s
02/04/16 Pat Hennerty Sales Cork Oaks Curraheen Park 525y Leezie Lindsay Francie Murray 28.28s
09/04/16 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Puppy Stakes Limerick 525y Droopys Roddick Pat Buckley 28.09s
08/04/16 FFK Sires McCalmont Cup Kilkenny 525y Doctor Zhivago David Flanagan 29.02s
10/04/16 Gain Feeds Irish Cesarewitch Mullingar 600y Droopys Acrobat Pat Buckley 33.31s
15/04/16 John & Mary "Killeacle" Dowling Memorial Tralee 570y Anopheles Liam Dowling 30.82s
30/04/16 Gain Dog Food Open 600 Shelbourne Park 600y Ballyhooley Henry Tom O'Neil 32.24s
30/04/16 Healthcare & Transport Puppy Oaks Shelbourne Park 525y Sidarian Pearl Graham Holland 28.21s
30/04/16 Limerick Oaks Limerick 525y Rural Maui Graham Holland 28.37s
14/05/16 Lee Strand 550 Tralee 550y Russmur Flyer Maurice O'Connor 29.59s
20/05/16 Barber Kennels Supporters A3/A4 Final Dundalk 525y Maggies Chips Marie Gilbert 28.73s
22/05/16 B.I.F. National Produce Stakes Clonmel 525y Clares Rocket Graham Holland 28.00s
27/05/16 Peggy Kelly's Islandbridge Sprint Harold's Cross 325y Ballymac Bigmike Robert Gleeson 17.21s
27/05/16 D.G.B.O.A. Dublin Cup Harold's Cross 525y Foxy Diva Oliver Bray 29.38s
27/05/16 Breyhon Hotel Championship Final (A3) Tralee 525y Civility Counts Tom O'Neil 28.53s
27/05/16 Dublin Coach Stakes Tralee 525y College Paradise Maurice O'Connor 28.30s
27/05/16 Boylesports Race Of Champions Tralee 525y Paradise Maverik Pat Buckley 29.61s
28/05/16 The Greenpark Open 550 Limerick 550y Skywalker Leaf Michael O'Donovan 29.84s
29/05/16 Red Mills Champion Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Sober Call Owen McKenna 28.91s
04/06/16 Barry's Tea Open 750 Curraheen Park 750y Tradition Pat Dalton 41.29s
06/06/16 Droopys Stud A1 Champion Stakes Youghal 525y Oaklands Paddy Denis Fitzgerald 28.95s
11/06/16 Sporting Press Irish Oaks Final Shelbourne Park 525y Witches Belle Liam Twomey 28.44s
11/06/16 Microdog ID Open 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Laughil Duke Michael O'Donovan 29.61s
11/06/16 Joe Dolan/ICC Open 350 Final Shelbourne Park 350y Ballymore Sam James Melia 19.04s
17/06/16 WWW.Ocean A4/A5 Final Kilkenny 525y Priceless Brandy Paul Hennessey 28.46s TR
01/07/16 Red Mills Unraced Bitch Stake Final Kilkenny 525y Express Crystal Tim O'Keeffe 29.36s
01/07/16 Wallace/Murray Longford Derby Longford 550y Excessive Kevin Losty 29.78s
02/07/16 Crokers Champ@Stud Open Unraced Final Waterford 525y Jumeirah Larry Jimmy Buckley 28.37s
03/07/16 The Clonmel TSC A1/A2 Munster Derby Final Clonmel 525y Dromscarra Ruby Jennifer O'Donnell 28.62s
09/07/16 Droopys Stud A2/A3 Bitch Stake Waterford 525y Genuine Pearl Willie Finn 28.61s
12/07/16 Marshes SC International Dundalk 550y Droopys Roddick Pat Buckley 29.40s TR
16/07/16 ECC Timber Champion 550 Final Shelbourne Park 550y CoolavannyMason Noel Browne 29.53s
16/07/16 Irish Independent Laurels Curraheen Park 525y Skywalker Manner Graham Holland 28.29s
28/07/16 James Horan Memorial Galway (Festial) 525y Lissane Dash David Duggan 29.07s
28/07/16 Flaherty Markets "Corrib Plate" A6 Stake Galway 525y Droopys Magician Sean Dunphy 28.64s
29/07/16 Gain Dog Foods Corn Cuchulainn Final Harold's Cross 750y Airmount Tess Gerald Kiely 41.84s
30/07/16 Doire Construction Juvenile 550 Shelbourne Park 550y Droopys Dollar Pat Buckley 29.82s
30/07/16 Doire Construction Champion Stakes Final Shelbourne Park 550y Clares Rocket Graham Holland 29.29s
30/07/16 Skywalker Farloe@Stud A2 Tri-Distance Final Limerick 575y Ocean Jerry Tom Fitzgerald 31.71s
31/07/16 Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup Thurles Park 525y Skiproe Master Pat Curtin 28.66s
01/08/16 The Summer Open Unraced Final Enniscorthy 525y Whoops Jack Peter Cronin 29.65s
01/08/16 F.F.K. Sires Southern Oaks Final Youghal 525y Dromscarra Ruby Jennifer O'Donnell 29.41s
13/08/16 Connolly's Red Mills Unraced Final Curraheen Park 525y Burgess Dubh Shelia Spillane 28.57s
14/08/16 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Dundalk 400y Ballymac Bigmike Robert Gleeson 21.01s
19/08/16 The Kenilworth Motors Puppy Oaks Final Harold's Cross 525y Newinn Tesse Neilus O'Connor 28.85s
21/08/16 Rose Of Tralee Stakes (A4) Tralee 525y Mad About Eva Paul Young 28.45s
03/09/16 Gain Feeds Cambridgeshire Open Limerick 750y Tradition Pat Dalton 41.74s
03/09/16 Greyhound & Petworld A1 Stake Final Curraheen Park 525y Drive On Tipp Graham Holland 28.05s
09/09/16 Texacloth Juvenile Derby Open 525 Final Newbridge 525y Bull Run Bolt Patrick Norris 29.00s
10/09/16 Casey's Caravan Open Unraced Final Waterford 525y Knockeevan Grove James Ryan 28.84s
10/09/16 The Noel Ryan Munster Oaks Final Waterford 525y Ballintee Annie Peter Cronin 28.52s
10/09/16 Boylesports Derby Plate Final Shelbourne Park 550y Keplar Nine Owen McKenna 29.84s
17/09/16 Derby Consolation Final Shelbourne Park 550y Ela Alecko Peter Cronin 29.76s
17/09/16 BOYLESPORTS IRISH DERBY FINAL Shelbourne Park 550y Rural Hawaii Graham Holland 29.65s
23/09/16 Langton Derby A1 Final Kilkenny 525y Me Phat Daddy Glamour Paws Synd 28.85s
24/09/16 The Richard Dixie Neenan Memorial Curraheen Park 550y Razldazl Valiant Neilus O'Connor 31.02s
24/09/16 National Greyhound Sales Unraced (C) Shelbourne Park 525y Coolavanny Brady Charles Coyle 29.04s
24/09/16 National Greyhound Sales Unraced (B) Shelbourne Park 525y Crinkill Mike Master Michael Milne 28.94s
24/09/16 National Greyhound Sales Unraced Final Shelbourne Park 525y All About Flynn Peter Cronin 28.68s
24/09/16 Bermingham/Hooper/Dolan Final Limerick 600y Glenquain Ivy Damian Cunningham 32.59s
02/10/16 Sean Organ Memorial A2/A3 Bitch Stake Clonmel 525y Express Crystal Tim O'Keeffe 29.29s
06/10/16 The Grand Prize A1/A2 Final Enniscorthy 525y Fast Fit Alex John 'Ginger' McGee 28.79s
08/10/16 Billy Mulvaney Snr & Jnr Memorial Shelbourne Park 600y College Paradise Liam Dowling 32.64s
08/10/16 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Open Bitch Final Curraheen Park 525y Ballymac Belle Liam Dowling 28.48s
14/10/16 Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby Harold's Cross 525y Droopys Wilbury Pat Buckley 28.51s
15/10/16 Agri Stores Fair Warrior Sprint Mullingar 400y Aulton Jet Michael Enright 21.39s
21/10/16 €10,000 Gain Dogs Feeds A3 525 Final Kilkenny 525y Boomalong Karol Ramsbottam 29.51s
22/10/16 Tennents Gold Cup Drumbo Park 525y Toolmaker Scott Robert Gleeson 28.16s
22/10/16 The Track Bookmakers Open 750 Shelbourne Park 750y Airmount Tess Ger Kiely 41.30s
22/10/16 Night of Stars A1 Dual Distance 525/550 Final Shelbourne Park 550y Shanelarue Darragh Morrissey 30.42s
25/10/16 Gain Feeds Open Unraced Kilkenny 525y Chawke It Down Paul Hennessy 29.90s
28/10/16 Michael FitzpatricK Memorial Newbridge Oaks Newbridge 525y Witches Spirit Liam Twomey 28.41s
28/10/16 Rising Unraced Stake Final Youghal 525y Burgess Papa Shelia Spillane 29.23s
28/10/16 K.G.S.S.C Members Stakes Final Tralee 525y Jasons Fifi Noel Power 29.07s
29/10/16 Kerry Agri Business St Leger Final Limerick 550y Priceless Brandy Paul Hennessy 29.30s
31/10/16 Red Mills Future Champion Unraced Stake Enniscorthy 525y Bigwood Pitstop Andrew Delahunty 29.29s
05/11/16 Gain Feeds Select Stakes Waterford 550y Riverside Oscar Graham Holland 28.42s
12/11/16 Chelsea Glass Night Of Stars Open 350 Shelbourne Park 350y Hiya Butt Hayley Keightley ENG 18.59s
12/11/16 Night Of Stars Open Dog Puppy 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Whoops Jack Peter Cronin 28.09s
12/11/16 Brinkleys Night Of Stars Open Bitch 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Hollycross Leah Gerry Melia 28.22s
12/11/16 BIF Night Of Stars Open 525 Shelbourne Park 525y Riverside Oscar Graham Holland 28.50s
12/11/16 Boylesports Night Of Stars Open 550 Shelbourne Park 525y Burgess Popeye Shelia Spillane 29.59s
12/11/16 Rural Hawai @ Stud Night Of Stars Open 575 Shelbourne Park 575y Droopys Wilbury Pat Buckley 30.98s
12/11/16 Droopys Nidge @ Stud Night Of Stars 600 Shelbourne Park 600y College Paradise Liam Dowling 32.32s
12/11/16 Track Bookmakers Night Of Stars Open 750 Shelbourne Park 750y Airmount Tess Ger Keily 41.60s
12/11/16 Ted Hegarty Night Of Stars Open 850 Shelbourne Park 850y Skywalker Rossa Graham Holland 47.59s
12/11/16 The Grandons Toyota Mini Final Curraheen Park 525y Postman Sam Kieran Lynch 28.19s
13/11/16 Larry O'Rourke Munster Juvenile Cup Clonmel 525y Frankies Lady Peter Cronin 28.61s
02/12/16 Gain Southern Sprint Final Youghal 325y Aulton Jet Michael Enright 17.42s
02/12/16 HRX Irish Grand National Harold's Cross 525y (H) Brinkleys Dominic Pat Buckley 29.60s
10/12/16 The Rockbay A1 Stakes Curraheen Park 525y Drive On Razor John Linehan 28.69s
16/12/16 HRX Track Bookmakers Marathon Final Harold's Cross 1010y Roxholme Magic Hayley Keightley ENG 57.55s
17/12/16 Curraheen Park Open 575 Curraheen Park 575y Boherash Ozzie Barry Kiely 31.20s
17/12/16 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Stakes Shelbourne Park 525y Jaytee Samurai Paul Hennessy 28.86s
17/12/16 Gain Dog Foods Christmas Oaks Final Shelbourne Park 525y Sidarian Pearl Graham Holland 28.25s
23/12/16 The All Pet Supplies Gold Collar Harold's Cross 550y Cons Rex Joe Day 30.15s
23/12/16 An Cu Veterinary Unraced Tri-Distance Dundalk 525y Milldean Gem Michael Kelly 28.77s
23/12/16 KGSSC Kingdom Derby Tralee 525y College Paradise Liam Dowling 28.40s

Disclaimer: All race dates and information are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of this results page.