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2023 English Greyhound Results and Race Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
06/01/23 Coral Winter Bonanza Bitches Final Romford 400m Hawkfield Mia Patrick Janssens (Towc) 24.25s
15/01/23 2023 ARC Cesarewitch Central Park 708m Cochise Richard Rees (Hove) 44.96s
20/01/23 WKH Development Services Diamond Stakes Oxford 845m Mohican Tara Sean McDonald (Swin) 54.53s
27/01/23 BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup Oxford 450m Watchhall Sid Carl Jackson (Newcastle) 27.19s
27/01/23 Coral Maiden Trophy Final Romford 400m Gunboat Wichita Nathan Hunt (Rom/Mon) 23.89s
27/01/23 2023 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Aayamza Magic Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 35.32s
29/01/23 Stadium Bookmakers Blue Riband Towcester 500m Hopes Paddington Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.15s
04/02/23 Coral New Year Gala Sprint Final Hove 285m Molly Maid Seamus Cahill (Hove) 16.71s
04/02/23 Coral New Year Gala Maiden Final Hove 500m Imahappylassie Carl Gardiner (Hove) 30.04s
04/02/23 Coral New Year Gala 515 Final Hove 515m Clarekeith Remy Carl Gardiner (Hove) 30.46s
11/02/23 BGBF British Bred Stayers Trophy Monmore 630m Queen Pink Liz McNair (Central Park) 37.89s
16/02/23 ARC Invitational Sprint Newcastle 290m Dubh Gasta Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 16.87s
16/02/23 ARC Invitational Puppy Newcastle 480m Moanteen Lennox A Harrison (Newcastle) 28.86s
16/02/23 2023 ARC Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Links Maverick Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 28.61s
16/02/23 ARC Invitational Standard Newcastle 480m Good Vienna B Fairbairn (Newcastle) 28.79s
16/02/23 ARC Invitational Stayers Newcastle 640m Darbys Delight Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 38.77s
18/02/23 BGBF British Bred Scurry Crayford 380m Shockwave Amber Kim Gooding(Nottingham) 23.37s
18/02/23 David Wicks Memorial Trophy Crayford 380m Oh Cosmopolitan John Mullins (Towcester) 23.29s
18/02/23 Peter Bussey Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Antigua Sugar Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 33.44s
18/02/23 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Borna Rhythm Tony Collett (Central Park) 34.45s
18/02/23 2023 Premier Greyhound Racing Golden Jacket Crayford 714m Bellmore Sally Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 44.77s
18/02/23 PGR Golden Jacket Marathon Crayford 874m Droopys Jungle Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 57.22s
04/03/23 Shelbys Memory RPGTV Greyhound Of 2022 Monmore 480m Antigua Woofwoof Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.24s
04/03/23 Winter Derby Consolation Race Monmore 480m Winterfield Duke Chris Jones (Monmore) 28.26s
04/03/23 2023 Ladbrokes Winter Derby Final Monmore 480m Coolavanny Shado Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.32s
04/03/23 630 Monmore 630m Skywalker Stan Ted Soppit (Newcastle) 38.06s
04/03/23 Dual Distance Final Monmore 684m Low Pressure Belinda Green (Hove) 41.29s
16/03/23 Coral Springtime Gala Sprint Final Hove 285m Gonzales Richard Rees (Hove) 16.48s
16/03/23 Coral Springtime Gala Puppies Final Hove 500m Bubbly Cooper Paul Young (Romford) 29.89s
16/03/23 Coral Springtime Gala 515 Maiden Final Hove 515m Soul Focus Paul Marchard (Unatt) 30.93s
16/03/23 Coral Springtime Gala Bitches Final Hove 515m My Girl Mia Seamus Cahill (Hove) 30.46s
16/03/23 Storrington & District Pro Bus Club Trophy Hove 515m Macho Camacho Carl Gardiner (Hove) 30.53s
16/03/23 RPGTV Moves to Sky Hove 695m Bubbly Bluebell Paul Young (Romford) 42.15s
17/03/23 Star Sports Galaxy Marathon Oxford 847m Night Time Danny Stephen Raynor (Towc) 53.38s
17/03/23 2023 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Droopys Good Patrick Janssens (Towc) 23.92s
17/03/23 2023 Coral Coronation Cup Romford 575m Antigua Sugar Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 34.80s
18/03/23 Bitches Monmore 480m Pepinthestep Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.11s
18/03/23 2023 Premier Greyhound Racing Puppy Derby Monmore 480m Bradys Bullet Belinda Green (Hove) 28.19s
18/03/23 Jim Woods Memorial Trophy Monmore 630m Crokers Brandy Paul Sallis (Monmore) 37.79s
19/03/23 Underwood Meat Company Race Sheffield 280m Noels Fleck Gerry Balentine (PBarr) 15.98s
19/03/23 Slingsby Gin Race Sheffield 500m Black Racket Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 29.09s
19/03/23 RSC Security Stakes Sheffield 660m Teds Dexter Nathan Hunt (Rom/Mon) 39.75s
19/03/23 All Seasons Fruit & Veg Stakes Sheffield 660m Coolavanny Auntie Angela Harrison (Newc) 39.58s
19/03/23 2023 Queen Mother Cup Sheffield 660m Darbys Delight Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 39.65s
20/03/23 BGBF British Bred Midland Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m Hometime Tilly Scott Horner (Kinsley) 18.07s
20/03/23 2023 BGBF British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m Romeo Command Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.86s
29/03/23 Jenningsbet Sprint Trophy Central Park 265m Knockboy Kay Daniel Brabon (CPark) 16.50s
29/03/23 2023 Arena Racing Company Kent Plate Final Central Park 500m Fromposttopillar Liz McNair (Central Park) 30.03s
30/03/23 2023 ARC Northern Newcastle 480m Brookside Richie Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 28.18s
01/04/23 2023 RPGTV Juvenile (Invitation - IV) Towcester 500m Arkady David Mullins (Romford) 29.50s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Dash Perry Barr 275m Gougane Jet Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 15.97s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Puppy Perry Barr 480m Slick Saratoga Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.30s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Maiden Perry Barr 480m Saffrons Dash Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.36s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Bitches Perry Barr 480m Fabulous Azzura Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.33s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Standard Perry Barr 480m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 28.09s
06/04/23 PGR Trainers Judgement Night Stayers Perry Barr 660m Sleek By Design Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 40.04s
15/04/23 2023 Ladbrokes Champion Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Lenson Doolin Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 23.10 TR
15/04/23 2023 Ladbrokes TV Trophy Crayford 874m Bellmore Sally Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 56.38s
15/04/23 Steel City Puppy Derby Final Sheffield 500m Droopys Fidget Nathan Hunt (Mon/Rom) 28.35s
21/04/23 ARC 450 Sunderland 450m Links Maverick Tom Helibron (Newcastle) 26.44s
21/04/23 2023 ARC Grand Prix Sunderland 640m Coonough Crow Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 39.40s
22/04/23 BET365 Hunt Cup Oxford 650m Havana Lover Liz McNair (Central Park) 39.41s
23/04/23 KAB Maiden Derby Towcester 500m Drive On Lad Richard Rees (Hove) 29.26s
29/04/23 Coral Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Gougane Jet Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 16.13s
29/04/23 Jenny Bunting Memorial Hove 500m Antigua Magic Jason Heath (Hove) 29.92s
29/04/23 Seasons Scaffolding Puppy Cup Hove 500m Ballymac John Mark Wallis (Hove) 29.28s
29/04/23 2023 Brighton Belle Hove 515m Betsy Bullet Belinda Green (Hove) 30.29s
29/04/23 Dastardly And Mutley Stakes Perry Barr 275m Ballymac Slapup John Mullins (Towcester) 16.17s
29/04/23 Peter's Last Hurrah! Perry Barr 480m Deelish Frankie Patrick Janssens (Towc) 27.99s
29/04/23 2023 ARC Laurels Perry Barr 480m Hawkfield Ozark Patrick Janssens (Towc) 28.03s
29/04/23 Arena Racing Company Stayers Final Perry Barr 660m Lightfoot Clark Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 39.99s
29/04/23 Cheeky Wombie Stakes Perry Barr 710m Perigrine Ryan John Lambe (Perry Barr) 43.67s
29/04/23 David's 30th Birthday Bash Perry Barr 915m Savana Queen Diane Henry (Towcester) 57.66s
07/05/23 Paul Liddles Iceline Ltd Stakes Kinsley 268m Drumdoit Jewel Ian Langford (Oxford) 16.33s
07/05/23 Sue Fradgley Memorial Stakes Kinsley 462m Whitton Venus Jill Sutherst (Sunderland) 27.28s
07/05/23 Blue Tick George @ Westfield Stud Kinsley 462m Glenview Pat Beverly Heaton (Kinsley) 27.39s
07/05/23 2023 Bresbet Gymcrack Final Kinsley 462m Stormy News Michael Hurst (Unatt) 27.75s
07/05/23 Yorkshire Homes Stakes Kinsley 650m Oakfield Magic Ian Langford (Oxford) 40.85s
07/05/23 Westfield Grc Retired Not Rescued Stakes Kinsley 844m Straight Blast James Hayton (Kinsley) 53.58s
20/05/23 480 Puppy Final Monmore 480m Swift Battery Alan Jenkins (Monmore) 28.52s
20/05/23 Dual Distance Final Monmore 480m Longacres Storm Pat Doocey (Monmore) 28.73s
20/05/23 480 Bitches Final Monmore 480m Swift Silly Raymond Hale (Newc) 28.07s
20/05/23 684 Final Monmore 684m Opelka Alec Stone (Nottingham) 41.38s
24/05/23 Jenningsbet 150 Shops Open Trophy Harlow 592m Bombardier Nathan Hunt (Mon/Rom) 37.92s
25/05/23 2023 BGBF Maiden Derby Final Newcastle 480m Fearsome Enigma John Marriot (Sheffield) 28.55s
27/05/23 Jay & Kay Tours Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Low Pressure Belinda Green (Hove) 45.38s
30/05/23 Time Greyhound Nutrition 3 Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Distant Emma Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 38.95s
08/06/23 Betgoodwin Coronation Vase Suffolk D 548m Gutsy Jet Kevin Boon (Suffolk D) 34.14s
09/06/23 Maurice Newman Memorial Marathon Romford 750m Night Time Danny Stephen Rayner (Towc) 47.28s
11/06/23 Arena Racing Company Kent Silver Salver Central Park 265m Flashing Willow Pat Buckley (IRE) 16.00s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 1st QTR-FINAL Towcester 500m Romeo Command Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.04s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd QTR-FINAL Towcester 500m Mystical Mario John Lambe (Perry Barr) 29.25s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd QTR-FINAL Towcester 500m Gaytime Nemo Graham Holland (IRE) 28.94s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 4th QTR-FINAL Towcester 500m Swords Rex Graham Holland (IRE) 28.93s
24/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Clona Duke Graham Holland (IRE) 28.69 TR
24/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Swords Rex Graham Holland (IRE) 28.76s
30/06/23 ARC Puppy Cup Sunderland 450m Ballybough Mags Harry Burton (Newc) 27.01s
01/07/23 RPGTV Watling Street Sprint Towcester 270m Dubh Gasta Tom Heilbron (Newc) 15.80s
01/07/23 Puppy 10K Match Race (Winner Take All) Towcester 500m Maree Champion Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.02s
01/07/23 2023 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL Towcester 500m Gaytime Nemo Graham Holland (IRE) 28.89s
01/07/23 RPGTV Derby Plate Towcester 500m Whyaye Man Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.11s
01/07/23 Jack Murrell Memorial Trophy Towcester 500m Aero Arran Richard Taberner (Mon) 29.69s
01/07/23 RPGTV Champion Bitch Stake (Dublicate) Towcester 500m Millbank Peach Daniel Brabon (CPark) 29.65s
01/07/23 RPGTV Champion Bitch Stake (Dublicate) Towcester 500m Fabulous Azzurra Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.43s
01/07/23 Derby Final Night StarSports.Bet Trophy Towcester 500m Warzone Tom Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.48s
01/07/23 Stakes Towcester 500m Savanna Top Cat Chris Hamblin (Oxford) 29.46s
01/07/23 Maurice Newman Memorial Trophy Towcester 500m As I Say Brendan Mathews (IRE) 29.11s
01/07/23 BGBF Truframe British Bred Champion Stakes Towcester 500m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 29.26s
01/07/23 Time Greyhound Nutrition Challenge Trophy Towcester 500m Burj Khalifa Brendan Mathews (IRE) 29.16s
01/07/23 James Maloney BSMOTY Winner Towcester 712m Savana Heross Diane Henry (Towcester) 43.54s
01/07/23 RPGTV Derby Final Night Stayers (Dublicate) Towcester 712m Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland (IRE) 42.96s
01/07/23 2023 SportystuffTV Dorando Marathon Towcester 942m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 58.76s
27/07/23 ARC Angel Of The North Newcastle 480m Magical Camilla Michael Fieldson (Sund) 28.65s
29/07/23 Coral Sussex Cup Sprint Trophy Hove 285m Kilara Ivy Richard Rees (Hove) 16.17s
29/07/23 2023 Coral Springbok Hove 500m (H) Droopys Chaser Paul Young (Romford) 29.67 TR
29/07/23 2023 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m Candolin Monsoon Derek knight (Hove) 29.62s
29/07/23 2023 Premier Greyhound Racing Regency Hove 695m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 41.69s
29/07/23 2023 Stadium Bookmakers Pall Mall Oxford 450m Links Maverick Tom Heilbron (Newc) 26.72s
30/07/23 2023 Juvenile Classic Towcester 500m Droopys Clue Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.19s
30/07/23 Suffolk Puppy Trophy Suffolk D 388m Shockwave Polar Kim Gooding (Notts) 24.11s
05/08/23 Summer Bonanza 6 Bend Trophy Final Crayford 540m Laughil Jess David Lee (Crayford) 33.49s
11/08/23 Ashwells Greyhound Retirement Home Maiden Romford 400m History David Mullins (Romford) 23.92s
11/08/23 Jackie Marston Memorial Race Romford 400m Laidbackpatsy Paul Burr (Romford) 23.78s
12/08/23 Yarmouth Homefinders Stayers Match Race Yarmouth 659m Great Pet Craig Morris (Yarmouth) 41.28s
18/08/23 BGBF British Bred Oaks Oxford 450m Fabulous Azurra Patrick Janssens (Towc) 26.69s
19/08/23 XL Windows East Anglian Challenge Yarmouth 462m Coolavanny Shado Patrick Janssens (Towc) 27.42s
22/08/23 Owlerton Dual Distance Trophy Sheffield 660m Maximum Security Nigel Saunders (Sheffield) 39.24s
26/08/23 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Crayford 380m Swift Daisy Jean Liles (Crayford) 23.18s
26/08/23 2023 Ladbrokes Grand National Crayford 540m (H) Coppice Fox Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 34.59s
26/08/23 Vixons Contracts Ltd Trophy Monmore 480m Newinn Touch Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 28.42s
26/08/23 Peter Billingham Memorial Trophy Monmore 480m Skywalker Pele Ted Soppitt (Newcastle) 28.02s
26/08/23 2023 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m Links Maverick Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 27.70s
26/08/23 2023 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m Fromposttopillar Liz McNair (Central Park) 37.37s
28/08/23 2023 JenningsBet Puppy Classic Nottingham 500m Glenvale Bill Graham Rankin (Monm) 29.49s
28/08/23 2023 JenningsBet Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Clona Duke Graham Holland (IRE) 29.49s
28/08/23 2023 JenningsBet Select Stayers Nottingham 730m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 44.34s
16/09/23 2023 Sandy Lane Maiden Derby Oxford 450m Unanimous Boy Richard Yeates (Oxford) 27.14s
20/09/23 MWD Partnership Sprint - Grand Final Yarmouth 277m Quago Jack Kevin Quinton (Yarmouth) 16.02s
20/09/23 2023 77th East Anglian Derby Yarmouth 462m Watch The Limo Seamus Cahill (Hove) 27.78s
20/09/23 MWD Partnership Derby Purse - Grand Final Yarmouth 659m Aayamza Sydney John Mullins (Yarmouth) 40.83s
21/09/23 Coral Thursday Night Dual Distance Trophy Hove 515m Clona Uriel Derek Knight (Hove) 30.35s
21/09/23 2023 British Bred 77th Produce Stakes Swindon 476m Queen Joni Liz McNair (Central Park) 27.80s
23/09/23 M Lambe Construction Birmingham Cup Perry Barr 480m Brookside Richie Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 28.27s
23/09/23 2023 Premier Greyhound Racing St Leger Perry Barr 710m Droopys Clue Seamus Cahill (Hove) 42.33 TR
24/09/23 2023 BET365 Empress Stakes Towcester 500m Crafty Shivoo Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 30.11s
28/09/23 Suffolk Maiden Puppy Trophy Suffolk D 388m Chelms Simmo Darren Whitton (Romford) 23.90s
29/09/23 2023 Coral Romford Puppy Cup Romford 400m Romeo Crusade David Mullins (Romford) 23.94s
29/09/23 Mitch Millward Marathon Romford 750m Teds Dexter Nathan Hunt (Rom/Mon) 46.52s
07/10/23 Ladbrokes Winner Of One Hurdle Trophy Crayford 380m (H) Droopys Fivestar Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 23.71s
17/10/23 2023 Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m Swift Iconic John Mullins (Towcester) 28.68s
20/10/23 Ashwells A3 Kennel Sweepstake Final Romford 400m Teddydatortoise Bernie Doyle (Romford) 23.86s
20/10/23 Coral Romford Standard Trophy Final Romford 400m Hawkfield Ozark Patrick Janssens (Towc) 23.31s
20/10/23 2023 PGR Champion Stakes Romford 575m Hollow Man Derek Knight (Hove) 34.69s
22/10/23 BGBF Greyhound Stud Book Trophy Towcester 500m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 29.21s
27/10/23 RPGTV Cowley Puppy Collar Final Oxford 450m Long Fellow Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 26.72s
27/10/23 Romford Friday Night 500 Standard Final Romford 400m Kila Detail Richard Rees (Hove) 23.78s
27/10/23 A1 Astroturf Marathon Match Race Romford 925m Ballymac Taylor Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 59.09s
28/10/23 2023 ARC Scurry Gold Cup Perry Barr 275m Quarteira Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 16.15s
28/10/23 2023 PGR ENGLISH OAKS Perry Barr 480m Jet Stream Angel Kevin Hutton (Oxford) 28.22 AR
29/10/23 2023 PGR Kent Derby Central Park 480m Churchfield Syd Richard Rees (Hove) 29.15s
02/11/23 Jimmy Jupp Hurdle Hove 500m (H) Coppice Fox Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 29.83s
03/11/23 The Valley Maiden Sprint Valley 260m Craiobhin Steven Howard (Valley) 16.26s
03/11/23 The Valley Open Standard Valley 460m Ballydorgan Gema Ma Burton (Valley) 28.09s
17/11/23 2023 ARC Classic Sunderland 450m Jonny Whiskers Harry Burton (Newcastle) 26.82s
19/11/23 Henlow Stayers Trophy Henlow 692m Eagles Rest Pam Dolby (Henlow) 42.58s
25/11/23 Ladbrokes Kent Rose Bowl Crayford 380m Oh Cosmopolitan John Mullins (Towcester) 23.28s
25/11/23 2023 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Crayford 540m Laughil Jess David Lee (Crayford) 33.46s
25/11/23 BGBF St Leger Doncaster 661m Fabulous Dyna Lawrence Tuffin (Towc) 42.16s
26/11/23 2023 RPGTV ENGLISH PUPPY DERBY Towcester 500m King Memphis Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.82s
27/11/23 ARC 480 Trophy Final Nottingham 480m Toddys Turbo Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 28.54s
27/11/23 2023 PGR Eclipse Nottingham 500m Newinn Syd Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.51s
17/12/23 2023 Bet365 English Puppy Oaks Towcester 500m Queen Dusty Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.75s
17/12/23 bet365 Winter Marathon Towcester 942m Antons Maggie Michelle Brown (Towc) 59.26s
19/12/23 2023 BGBF British Bred Derby Sheffield 500m Queen Joni Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.49s
22/12/23 bet365 Challenge Cup Oxford 650m Havana Top Note Liz McNair (Central Park) 39.66s
23/12/23 David Wyatt Memorial Race Crayford 380m (H) Tullig Bee Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 24.86s
23/12/23 Ladbrokes Xmas Hurdle Final Crayford 380m (H) Bouncy Doormen Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 23.74s
23/12/23 Ladbrokes Xmas Guys & Dolls 540 Crayford 540m Ritzy Empress Jim Reynolds (Crayford) 33.71s
23/12/23 Ladbrokes Xmas Maiden Stayers Stakes Crayford 714m Dazl Anton Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 46.91s
23/12/23 Coral Merit Hurdle Hove 500m (H) Lenson Doolin Ricky Holloway (Crayford) 30.51s
23/12/23 2023 Coral Greyhound Olympic Hove 515m King Memphis Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.87s
23/12/23 Coral Finals Night 695 Stayers Hove 695m Bradys Bullet Belinda Green (Hove) 41.70s
23/12/23 2023 George Curtis & Ballyregan Bob Memorial Hove 740m Droopys Clue Seamus Cahill (Hove) 44.45s
23/12/23 Coral Finals Night 955 Marathon Hove 955m A Mystical Love Lee Pearce (Central Park) 66.50s
26/12/23 2023 ARC National Sprint Nottingham 305m Bombout Bullet Belinda Green (Hove) 17.52s
26/12/23 Ladbrokes Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m Bubbly Scorcher Paul Young (Romford) 56.53s
26/12/23 66th Yarmouth Championship (A1) Yarmouth 462m Alberts Legacy Sandra Clayton (Yarm) 27.79s
26/12/23 YGOTA Invitation Marathon Yarmouth 843m Annies Song Mark Brighton (Yarmouth) 54.95s
28/12/23 2023 PGR All England Cup Newcastle 480m Swift Silly Ray Hale (Newcastle) 28.48s

2023 Irish Dog Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
06/01/23 Mickey O'Sullivan Memorial (ON2) Kilkenny 525y Walkinonsunshine Con Guiney 29.62s
07/01/23 Shelbourne Marathon 1025 (DD0) Shelbourne 1025y Garfiney Legend Liam O'Rourke 60.18s
07/01/23 Slaneyside Kennels & WTSC Unraced (ON2) Waterford 525y Bilericay Joe Peter Cronin 28.89s
07/01/23 Paula Bergin Memorial 550 (A2) Waterford 550y Cloncunny Bunny Jim Scully 30.36s
14/01/23 Whitewood Kennels Unraced Stake (ON2) Waterford 525y Takinitallin Robert Gleeson 28.89s
27/01/23 2022 Eric Browne Memorial Kingdom Derby (AAO) Tralee 525y Ballymac Whispa Liam Dowling 28.18s
03/02/23 Eamon Wheatley Memorial A4/A5 525 Final (A4) Newbridge 525y Zaconey Apollo Niall Foley 28.76s
03/02/23 2023 Dublin Cup A2/A3 Final (A2) Shelbourne 525y Foggy Bottom Laurence Jones 28.79s
04/02/23 Limerick Stadium ON2 525 (ON2) Limerick 525y Barntick Sydney John Reidy 28.83s
04/02/23 Limerick & Clare GOBA A4/A5 Stake Final (A4) Limerick 525y Tally Ho Midas Walls-Of-Tally-Ho 29.31s
04/02/23 Knocklong Schooling Track A1/A2 525 (A1) Limerick 525y Ballygibba Ruby Billy Guiney 28.91s
06/02/23 Tommy & Bridget Dunford Mem. Guys & Dolls (A3) Clonmel 525y Miss Mini Star T O'Donovan 28.78s
06/02/23 Rural Kennels Open Unraced Stake Final (ON1) Clonmel 525y Rural Kihei Graham Holland 28.81s
06/02/23 Rural Kennels Unraced Consolation Final (ON1) Clonmel 525y Salmic Fitz Patrick Guilfoyle 28.70s
06/02/23 Elite Canine Transport A1/A2 Bitch Stake (A1) Clonmel 525y Glenbervie Rosy Damien O'Regan 28.55s
06/02/23 O'Connor Vets Open 525 (AAO) Clonmel 525y Crafty Jayko Shane Divilly 28.46s
06/02/23 Sporting Press OnLine Edition A1/A2 550 (A1) Clonmel 550y Bloodsweatnbeers John Browne 30.01s
06/02/23 Deadly Kennel & Gavin Johns Open 550 (AAO) Clonmel 550y Swords Fudge Graham Holland 30.05s
06/02/23 O'Rourkes Greyhound Meat Dual Distance (A2) Clonmel 575y Granard Thunder Joe Anglim 31.56s
06/02/23 This Runs Deep Marathon (DDO) Clonmel 790y Pablo Escobark K Ramsbottom 43.95s
10/02/23 Barking Buzz App A3 Bitch 525 Shelbourne 525y Black Bridges B & M Caul 28.78s
12/02/23 KIlsheelan Galopp AO/A1 525 (AO) Clonmel 525y Brynoffa Arminta Eamon Mackey 28.38s;
25/02/23 Connect 6 Leg 6 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y The Other Kobe J O'Donnell 28.37s
25/02/23 2023 Paddy Kehoe Gold Cup Final (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Bogger Hunter Ian Reilly 28.52s
25/02/23 Retired Greyhound Trust AAo 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Bockos Crystal Graham Holland 29.67s
25/02/23 Thurles Racecourse A4 570 Final (A4) Thurles Park 570y Lisdaleen Range Brendan Everard 32.61s
04/03/23 TIME Greyhound Nutrition Cork Cup (A1) Cork 525y Trouble Kieran Lynch 28.47s
04/03/23 Text Your Entries To 0858004891 A0 525 (AO) Shelbourne 525y Millroad Bolger Michael Donnelly 28.47s
10/03/23 Irish Retired Greyhound Trust ON2 Final (ON2) Cork 525y Deelish Champ Laura Flynn 29.43s
11/03/23 Kilbride Kennels Midland Derby 550 A2 (A2) Mullingar 550y Vinegar Joe Seamus Reilly 30.77s
11/03/23 Greyhound & Petworld Juvenile Classic (ON1) Tralee 525y Ballymac Marino Liam Dowling 28.09s
11/03/23 Paddy & Ciara Sharkey Bookmakers & WTSC (A2) Waterford 525y Tinahue Brodie Foxcall Syndicate 28.97s
17/03/23 RCETS Novice 2 Stakes Final (ON2) Tralee 525y Smart Sam Paul White 29.17s
17/03/23 Happy St Patricks Day 525 (A1) Tralee 525y Ballywilliam Boy Jack Kennelly 28.74s
24/03/23 Galway Greyhound Stadium A3/A4 Final (A3) Galway 525y Crafty Orlando Shane Divilly 28.79s
24/03/23 Tom Browne Memorial 525 Final (A3) Kilkenny 525y Knockdrinna Celt Thomas Leahy 29.48s
24/03/23 FFK Sires McCalmont Cup (A1/A2) Kilkenny 525y Lynchy Boy Paraic Campion 29.46s
24/03/23 The Dunne Family Portlaoise Open 525 (AAO) Kilkenny 525y The Other Kobe J O'Donnell 29.11s
24/03/23 Brownstone Tango & NTSC Open Unraced (ON1) Newbridge 525y Chelms Ramona Billy Dunne 28.49s
24/03/23 Communion & Confirmation Parties Stake (ON1) Tralee 325y Ballymac Sallagh Liam Dowling 17.52s
24/03/23 K.G.O.B.A Stakes (A2) Tralee 525y Lingering Gold Colin Browne 28.63s
25/03/23 Irish Retired Greyhound Trust Open 330 (SSO) Cork 330y Gizmo Cash Keeley McGee 17.68s
25/03/23 N & C Decorators Enniskeane & CPSC Stake (A4) Cork 525y Highview Topaz Ian Waterworth 29.16s
25/03/23 Apex Global Resourses Cork Oaks Final (AAO) Cork 525y Maries Wedding Tamara Butler 28.31s
25/03/23 Clasheen Kennels 575 (A3) Cork 525y Ballyhooley Belle Tom O'Neil 31.54s
25/03/23 Borna Kennels A4 525 Final (A4) Thurles Park 525y Kilvil Robert Kilvil Syndicate 29.63s
26/03/23 2023 RPGTV Irish Cesarewitch Mullingar 600y Bobsleigh Dream Pat Buckley 32.79s
02/04/23 The DragonBet 325 (SSO) Lifford 325y Corbrack Prince Robert Gleeson 17.30 TR
02/04/23 Taylorstown Schooling Track 325 Final (ON2) Lifford 325y Velvet Helsinki Sean Melly 17.56s
02/04/23 The Fitzwilliam 325 (SSO) Lifford 325y Its My Bucks Charles Coyle 17.53s
02/04/23 North West Supplies (SSO) Lifford 325y Carefree Chief Kurtis Bain 17.43s
02/04/23 Time Greyhound Nutrition 525 (AAO) Lifford 525y Wi Can Dream Patrick Guilfoyle 28.54s
02/04/23 The Old Docks A3 Final (A3) Lifford 550y China May Cathal Maguire 30.61s
02/04/23 BoyleSports Money Back 2nd (AAO) Lifford 575y Droopys Nextone Ray Hamilton Jnr 31.34s
08/04/23 The Talking Dogs 350 (SSO) Shelbourne 350y Gizmo Cash Keeley McGee 18.54s
08/04/23 Connect 6 Leg 6 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y De Lahdedah Liam Dowling 28.44s
08/04/23 2023 Bresbet Easter Cup Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Swords Rex Graham Holland 29.71s
08/04/23 Barking Buzz App 575 (AAO) Shelbourne 575y Storys Cashout 'Murt' Leahy 31.21s
09/04/23 Future Champion & M Fortune Memorial (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y Haka Carlo Dave Bourke 28.87s
15/04/23 Greyhound & Pet Hound Super Sprint (SSO) Cork 330y Flashing Willow Pat Buckley 17.41s
15/04/23 Grandstand Restaurant Stake (ON2) Tralee 525y Wasted Monday Kieran O'Dwyer 28.39s
15/04/23 John & Mary Kileacle Dowling Memorial (A1) Tralee 570y Strideaway Lena J O'Mahony 30.56s
15/04/23 Go Greyhound Racing Ireland 525 Final (A1) Shelbourne 525y Delirium Tremens 'Murt' Leahy 29.00s
21/04/23 Knocklong Schooling Track Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Flashing Willow Pat Buckley 18.45s
21/04/23 Limerick/Clare GOBA A3 Stake (A3) Limerick 525y Glorious Best Pat O'Connell 28.83s
21/04/23 Open Bitch Final (AA0) Limerick 525y Bockos Crystal Graham Holland 28.19s
21/04/23 Bet On The Tote Open 525 yds (A3) Limerick 525y Romeo Hanzo Graham Holland 28.29s
21/04/23 Sean O'Connor Memorial A1 525 Final (A1) Limerick 525y Una Machina Jack Kennelly 28.43s
21/04/23 2023 Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Final (AAO) Limerick 525y Clonbrien Treaty Graham Holland 28.05s
21/04/23 The Talking Dogs Open 550 yds (AAO) Limerick 550y Bobsleigh Dream Pat Buckley 29.92s
21/04/23 Barking Buzz App A2 525 (A2) Shelbourne 525y Fear No Judge Jean McKenzie 28.90s
21/04/23 Dual Distance (A2) Shelbourne 550/575 All About Magic Owen McKenna 31.40s
22/04/23 Liam Murphy Memorial A1 Bitch (A1) Shelbourne 525y Highview Mags Gerry Merriman 28.52s
22/04/23 2023 Suncroft Festival Puppy Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Lets Go Bubbles Owen McKenna 28.47s
28/04/23 Blackstone Kennels A2 525 Final (A2) Kilkenny 525y Watch The Limo M O'Donovan 29.07s
28/04/23 RCETS A2 525 Final (A2) Shelbourne 525y Mr Skinny Legs Shaun Conway 28.82s
29/04/23 Explosive Boy @ Stud Stake Final (ON2) Waterford 525y Fagans Garden Larry Kearns 28.90s
29/04/23 2023 Time Greyhound Select Stakes (AAO) Waterford 525y Clona Duke Graham Holland 28.22s
29/04/23 Quilty Family Memorial & WTSC 730 Final (DDO) Waterford 730y Chestnut King Paraic Campion 41.03s
06/05/23 Retired Greyhound Trust A1 Final (A1) Shelbourne 525y Blackstone Bobby M O'Donovan 28.57s
06/05/23 2023 RPGTV Open 600 (AAO) Shelbourne 600y Ballinabola Ed Pat Buckley 32.49s
13/05/23 2023 Epic Hero Limerick Oaks (AAO) Limerick 525y Raha Mofo 'Murt' Leahy 28.23s
20/05/23 2023 Shelbourne Champion 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Ballyhimikin Rex Billy Dunne 29.61s
26/05/23 Friends Of Newbridge A1 550 Final (A1) Newbridge 550y Prince Lucius Oliver Bray 29.97s
26/05/23 2023 Islandbridge Sprint (SSO) Shelbourne 325y Gallant Knight Oliver Bray 18.91s
26/05/23 2023 Lee Strand 550 (A3) Tralee 550y Allodale Icon Eimear Roche 29.85s
27/05/23 Mary Lehane Memorial & CPSC Stake Final (A5) Cork 525y Firespin Dan Harrington 29.11s
27/05/23 The €24,000 Curraheen Park Spring Derby (A2) Cork 525y Montana Fantasy John Linehan 28.47s
27/05/23 Limerick Stadium 525 Stake Final (ON2) Limerick 525y Singalong Tully Pat Buckley 28.80s
28/05/23 The €32,000 Champion Open Unraced (ON1) Kilkenny 525y Carrick Fergie Robert Gleeson 28.76s
03/06/23 GRI Spring Stake A4 525 (A4) Limerick 525y Bettyville Rover J O'Shaughnessy 28.77s
03/06/23 GRI Spring Tri Distance Stake Final (A4) Cork 575y Kilara Eliza M Donnelly 3157s
09/06/23 The "Time" Graders Derby A4 525 Final (A4) Kilkenny 525y Avongate Playboy Rory Hickey 29.44s
09/06/23 Mary Ramsbottom Memorial (ON2) Kilkenny 525y Barefoot Rambler Pat Buckley 28.92s
10/06/23 Dan & Shelia Buckley Memorial A3 Final (A3) Cork 525y Bartlemy Sham Kieran Lynch 28.80s
10/06/23 Deadly Kennels Open 750 Stake Final (DDO) Cork 750y Kinturk Road Liam Dowling 42.04s
15/06/23 Celebrating 90 Years Racing 03/08/23 (A2) Enniscorthy 525y Marlfield Trent Caroline Fielding 29.15s
16/06/23 Coolvanny Hoffa @ Stud 525 Final (A1) Kilkenny 525y Kapuka Warrior K Ramsbottom 29.01s
16/06/23 KGSSC 550 (ON2) Tralee 550y Saleen Jet Patrick O'Connor 28.31s
16/06/23 Callaway Rambler @ Race Of Champions (AAO) Tralee 550y Ballinabola Ed Pat Buckley 29.23s
17/06/23 The GRI Summer A0 525 Final (AO) Shelbourne 525y Churchtown Syd Denis Fitzgerald 28.55s
17/06/23 2023 Sporting Press IRISH OAKS (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Crafty Shivo Peter Devilly 28.14s
17/06/23 Photos By Imelda Grauer Novice 750 (DDO) Shelbourne 750m Ballymac Johnjo Liam Dowling 41.49s
23/06/23 The RCETS A3 525 Final (A3) Shelbourne 525y Dryland Bruce Declane Byrne 28.62s
23/06/23 Rasaiocht Con Eireann A2 525 Final (A2) Shelbourne 525y Boylesports Bob Paul Hennessy 28.04s
23/06/23 Barking Buzz App A1 525 Final (A1) Shelbourne 525y Clona Rocky M Taggart (NI) 28.41s
25/06/23 2023 Thatch Bar National Produce Stakes (AAO) Clonmel 525y Burgess Supreme Shelia Spillane 28.52s
29/06/23 April Stakes (A2) Enniscorthy 525y Kiltrea Rob John Doyle 29.04s
01/07/23 2023 Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced (ON1) Cork 525y Droopys Flytline Robert Gleeson 28.11s
01/07/23 2023 Treaty Cup Open 350 Final (SSO) Limerick 350y Cree Jo Jo Owen McKenna 18.36 TR
07/07/23 Friends Of University Kerry Final(A2) Tralee 525y Millridge Nadia S O'Mahony 28.55s
08/07/23 2023 BoyleSports Champion Stakes (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Trinity Junior Peter Cronin 29.34s
12/07/23 2023 TIME Dundalk International (AAO) Dundalk 550y Raha Mofo 'Murt' Leahy 29.98s
15/07/23 Curraheen Park Local Trainers & CPSC Final (A4) Cork 525y Coppeen Best James Kelleher 28.64s
15/07/23 Sean O'Leary Memorial & CPSC Final (A4) Cork 525y Exit Seventeen Ger Crowley 28.74s
15/07/23 Happy 80th Birthday Der Lehane Open 525 (AAO) Cork 525y Churchtown Syd Denis Fitzgerald 28.77s
15/07/23 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Bitch Stake (AAO) Cork 525y Ballymac Run Liam Dowling 28.10s
15/07/23 TIME Greyhound Nutrition Graders Derby (AAO) Limerick 525y Headleys Susie Nick Cotter 28.93s
15/07/23 The RCETS AAO (June 21 or Younger) (AAO) Shelbourne 550y De Lahdedah Liam Dowling 29.44s
15/07/23 2023 RPGTV Corn Cuchulainn (DDO) Shelbourne 750y Kinturk Road Liam Dowling 41.66s
15/07/23 2023 Centenary Agri Tipperary Cup (AAO) Thurles Park 525y Pape Di Oro Pat Buckley 28,79s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 (ON2) Kilkenny 525y Droopys Eddie 'Murt' Leahy 28.82s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 Final (A4) Kilkenny 525y Doggie Brasco K Ramsbottom 28.94s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 Final (A3) Kilkenny 525y Lemon Milo Tom Lennon 28.86s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 (A2) Kilkenny 525y Seven Beach J O'Donnell 28.51s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 Final (A2) Kilkenny 525y Arrigle Rise James Frisby 28.83s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 Final (A1) Kilkenny 525y Kapuka Warrior K Ramsbottom 28.71s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 525 (AAO) Kilkenny 525y Bonkersinyonkers 'Murt' Leahy 28.66s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 725 (D1) Kilkenny 725y Razldazl Amaze Dolores Ruth 40.83s
16/07/23 John Mitchell Bookmaker & KGOBA 725 (DDO) Kilkenny 725y Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland 40.77s
16/07/23 Diana Divall Memorial A3 525 Final (A3) Lifford 525y Canya Hot Shot Gert Du Plessis 29.18s
16/07/23 The PmcC & Friends ON2/3 525 Final (ON2) Lifford 525y Denos Bay D McComb (NI) 29.07s
22/07/23 John Whelan Memorial Cup (A3) Limerick 525y Rattlefence Paraic Campion 28.59s
29/07/23 Denis Murphy Memorial 525 Stake (A2) Cork 525y Naughty Naughty Jack McGann 28.61s
05/08/23 Dublin v Kerry 750 Match Race (DDO) Shelbourne 750y Ballymac Katie Liam Dowling 41.39s
06/08/23 Tomas O' Murchu A5/A6 525 (A5) Clonmel 525y Palace Hill Paraig Campion 29.06s
06/08/23 Tom Drohan / Nigel Quinn A3/A4 525 (A3) Clonmel 525y Daring Bowie Michael Meade 28.94s
06/08/23 Paddy Flannery / David Lonergan A1/A2 525 (A1) Clonmel 525y Bogger Rambo Liam Peacock 28.51s
06/08/23 Killee Town ON2/ON3 Sweepstake Final (ON2) Clonmel 525y Cooneen Mazl J O'Donnell Jnr 29.19s
12/08/23 RCETS ON1 525 Final (ON1) Shelbourne 525y Droopys Mandolin Robert Gleeson 28.45s
12/08/23 Nolan, Farrell & Goff Solicitors & WTSC Final (A3) Waterford 525y Slaneyside Nike Derek Kehoe 28.67s
12/08/23 John Fitzgerald Memorial Mini Open Final (AO) Waterford 525y Clogheen Lass Graham Holland 28.28s
12/08/23 Honey Kennels D1/D2 730 Stake Final (D1) Waterford 730y Terrific Tonic Rhys Fortune 40.90s
15/08/23 2023 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup (SSO) Dundalk 400y Carrick Aldo David Murray 20.80s
15/08/23 McGee Kennels AO 525 (AO) Dundalk 525y Fire Time Ian Reilly 28.33s
15/08/23 Murty Leahy Village Kennels Open 575 (AAO) Dundalk 575y Stellas Sparkle Paul Cronin 31.07s
19/08/23 O'Connor Julian Vets Tri-Distance (A2) Limerick 600y County Minor Gerard White 32.52s
19/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 1st QTR-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y De Lahdedah Liam Dowling 29.31s
19/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 2nd QTR-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Bens Teddy Pat Buckley 29,39s
19/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 3rd QTR-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y The Other Kobe J O'Donnell 29.15s
19/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 4th QTR-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Clonroosk Sydney Matthew Harte 29.55s
21/08/23 Puplic House Unraced Stake Final (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y Edermine Bonner T & P O'Gorman 29.03s
24/08/23 Barking Buzz App A4 525 Final (A4) Shelbourne 525y Slaney Valley Martin Lanney 28.74s
24/08/23 Barking Buzz App ON1 525 Final (ON1) Shelbourne 525y Swords Hudson Graham Holland 28.81s
24/08/23 Talking Dogs D2/D3 750 Final (D2) Shelbourne 750m Cashen Bazooka Chris Houlihan 42.14s
25/08/23 €12,000 Boylesports A3 Bitch 525 Final (A3) Kilkenny 525y Droopys Have It Ian Reilly 28.71s
26/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 1st Semi-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Music Glideaway Patrick Guilfoyle 29.32s
26/08/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby 2nd Semi-Final (AAO) Shelbourne 550y The Other Kobe J O'Donnell 29.58s
02/09/23 BoyleSports Money Back As Free Bet (SSO) Shelbourne 350y Road Exile Pat Buckley 18.49s
02/09/23 BoyleSports Supporting Irish Sport (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Halo Matthew Harte 38.08s
02/09/23 Live Greyhound Streaming BoyleSports App (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Fire Time Ian Reilly 28.23s
02/09/23 Download The Boylecasino App Today (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Hawkfield Blue Keeley McGee 28.00s
02/09/23 2023 BOYLESPORTS IRISH DERBY (AAO) Shelbourne 550y The Other Kobe J O'Donnell 29.11s
02/09/23 2023 Michael Fortune Memorial Derby Plate (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Blastoff Mac Philip Buckley 29.50s
02/09/23 BoyleSports Irish Derby Consolation Final (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Trinity Junior Peter Cronin 29.42s
02/09/23 Boylextra One Card Giving Extra (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Sogna In Grande Jack Kennelly 29.41s
02/09/23 Best Odds Guaranteed on BoyleSports App (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Sober Glory K Ramsbottom 29.31s
02/09/23 Customise Bet With BoyleSports Betbuilder (AAO) Shelbourne 575y Scaglietti Patrick Guilfoyle 30.85s
02/09/23 BoyleSports Deposit And Withdraw In Store (AAO) Shelbourne 600y Gaytime Hugo Graham Holland 32.09s
02/09/23 Irish Retired Greyhound Trust (DDO) Shelbourne 750y Ballymac Katie Liam Dowling 41.24s
09/09/23 The Kasko Derby Final (A1) Cork 525y Jacktavern Bolt Graham Holland 28.26s
09/09/23 Go Greyhound Racing A3 600 Stake (A3) Limerick 600y Fantasy Tuppence Albert Mullins 32.91s
09/09/23 Chris O'Driscoll Fundraiser Final (A2) Tralee 525y Saul Good Padraig Regan 28.78s
09/09/23 Casey's Camping & Caravan Unraced Stake (ON1) Waterford 525y Carefree Charm B Connolly 28.63s
09/09/23 Dave Collins Memorial Munster Oaks (AAO) Waterford 525y Easy Razzle John Linehan 28.11s
15/09/23 Jack, Mary & Brian Finn Memorial Final (ON2) Cork 525y Faypoint Sean Graham Holland 28.78s
15/09/23 AOS Mechanical Services & CPSC Stake (A4) Cork 525y Missouri Jumbo Sean Deburca 29.00
16/09/23 Time Greyhound 20 Dual Distance Final (AO) Shelbourne 550y Jaytee Craze Paul Hennessy 29.53s
16/09/23 Time Record Breaker 575 (AAO) Shelbourne 575y Undulation B Matthews (NI) 30.79s
22/09/23 Peter Bergin Monumental Works (A2) Kilkenny 525y Ballybough Carol 'Murt' Leahy 29.04s
22/09/23 Peter Meaney Memorial ON2 525 (ON2) Kilkenny 525y Sober Rock K Ramsbottom 29.29s
22/09/23 JAG Building Services A1 Derby (A1) Kilkenny 525y Delirium Tremens 'Murt' Leahy 28.69s
22/09/23 Talking Dogs A2 (No Backgraders) 525 Final (A2) Shelbourne 525y Tonelagee Robert Gleeson 28.42s
22/09/23 Barking Buzz A3 575 Final (A3) Shelbourne 575y Dapper Davy Hugh Mallon 31.31
23/09/23 2023 Roma Casino Cambridgeshire (DDO) Limerick 750y Kinturk Roas Liam Dowling 41.23s
23/09/23 Mustang Jet @ Stud ON1 Bitch 525 (ON1) Shelbourne 525y Fashion Model Paul Horig 28.45s
24/09/23 Bar One Racing Crystal Vase (SSO) Lifford 325y Gizmo Cash Keeley McGee 17.09 TR
28/09/23 Time Record Breaker A5 525 (A5) Shelbourne 525y Saleen Mateo Patrick O'Connor 28.44s
30/09/23 Time Record Breaker 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Ballymac Marcia Michael Butler 28.34s
30/09/23 Time Greyhound 28 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Hawkfield Blue John McGee 28.04s
30/09/23 Time Greyhound 20 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Foggy Bottom Laurence Jones 28.20s
30/09/23 2023 Time Greyhound Juvenile Derby (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Droopys Flytline Robert Gleeson 27.93s
30/09/23 The Lucky Last 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Well Met John Jones 29.59s
30/09/23 Kasko Dog Foods ON2 525 Final (ON2) Thurles 525y Two Slip Jigs Jason Fletcher 28.99s
02/10/23 Len McKinney / Track Lotto Brandywell Derby (AAO) Derry (NI) 525y Tuttles Bruno M & R Stewart 28.96s
07/10/23 John Deere/Brian Geary Toyota Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Burgess Jack Sarah Shannon 18.43s
07/10/23 Coolavanny Kennels St Leger Trial (AAO/AO) Limerick 550y Music Glideaway Patrick Guilfoyle 29.73s
07/10/23 T Nolans St Leger Trial Stake (AAO/AO) Limerick 550y Gaytime Hugo Graham Holland 29.56s
07/10/23 Cellar Bar Abbeyfeale Open 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland 41.47s
14/10/23 Jerry & Michael Hennerty Memorial (ON1) Cork 525y Newinn Curly Graham Holland 28.25s
14/10/23 Michael (Bart) Leahy Memorial A2 Stake (A2) Cork 525y Romeo Kingpin Graham Holland 28.42s
14/10/23 2023 Bar One Racing Irish Laurels (AAO) Cork 525y High Trend Graham Holland 28.31s
14/10/23 Yvonne Barry Track Bookmaker Open 600 (AAO) Shelbourne 600y Droopys Nice One Murt Leahy 32.22s
20/10/23 The "Sliabe Kennels" Open 525 (AAO) Kilkenny 525y Kapuka Warrior K Ramsbottom 28.94s
20/10/23 €12.000 TIME Greyhound Nutrition (A3) Kilkenny 525y Goingtherightway Robbie Dowling 29.14s
20/10/23 The "Sliabe Kennels" Open 725 (AAO) Kilkenny 725y Peters Sydney George Roche 41.15s
21/10/23 Arachas Corperate Brokers A1 600 Stake (A1) Limerick 600y Newport Pier Mullins/Curtin 32.23s
23/10/23 The Lord Unraced Stake (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y BarefootAwesome Paul Hennessy 29.04s
28/10/23 The Mini-Open 525 (A0) Cork 525y Dellser Bells Paul Keniry 28.87s
28/10/23 John Kenny (Gunboat) Memorial (A3) Thurles Park 525y Hello Sunny Paul Hennessy 28.98s
28/10/23 OMG Technologies (ON2) Thurles Park 525y Emilys Superstar Brendan Kenny 29.24s
28/10/23 The Alpha Drives 525 (A1) Thurles Park 525y Cabra Konk Paddy Scally 29.57s
28/10/23 The Moira Creane Memorial 570 (A4) Thurles Park 570y Old Hand Richard Dooley 31.83s
28/10/23 The Pakie Moloney Memorial 570 (A1) Thurles Park 570y Freeway Charlie Sharon Hunt 31.54s
02/11/23 The Michael O'Donohoe Memorial A1/2 (A1) Enniscorthy 525y Indian Kitty Patrick Whelan 29.01s
04/11/23 The Talking Dogs On2 525 Stake (ON2) Cork 525y Rosebank Max Patrick Manning 29.13s
04/11/23 The Paddy Merriman Memorial (A1) Shelbourne 525y Whyaye Bonnylad Robert Gleeson 28.34s
04/11/23 2023 RPGTV Puppy Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Singalong Dolly Pat Buckley 28.44s
04/11/23 The Mick & Mary Bourke Memorial (A4) Thurles Park 525y Bogger Ace Liam Peacock 29.66s
05/11/23 Big Value Tote S5/S6 325 (S5) Lifford 325y Serene Wildcat Daniel Ward 17.78s
05/11/23 Stadium Bookmakers S3/S4 325 (S3) Lifford 325y Oakwood Hero John McMonagle 17.70s
05/11/23 RPGTV S1/S2 325 FIRECRAKER (S1) Lifford 325y Splurge Tom Mullan 17.33s
05/11/23 N.W.G.O.B.A. A6/A7 525 (A6) Lifford 525y Bumblebee M R McGranaghan 29.62s
05/11/23 Fitzwilliam Sports A3/A4 525 (A3) Lifford 525y Denos Boy Dean McComb 28.82s
05/11/23 The Christy Gillespie Memorial Open 550 (AAO) Lifford 550y Unmatched John Linehan 29.97s
05/11/23 Fair Warrior Open 400 (SSO) Mullingar 400y Pavilion Fire Aiden McVeigh 21.43s
11/11/23 Xmas Party Night Novice 750 (DDO) Cork 750y Aherla Rocco Jerome Crowley 42.35s
17/11/23 This Runs Deep A2 525 (A2) Shelbourne 525y Russmore Shane Stephen Dunne 28.85s
17/11/23 2023 Gold Collar A1 550 (A1) Shelbourne 550y Fernandes B Matthews (NI) 29.79s
19/11/23 Newinn Taylor @ Stud Open 525 (AAO) Clonmel 525y Romeo Hanza Graham Holland 28.81s
19/11/23 Riverside Stud Munster Juvenile Cup (AO) Clonmel 525y Faypoint Harvey Graham Holland 28.65s
24/11/23 Mall Brandy Open Sprint (SSO) Galway 325y Halo Matthew Harte 17.75s
24/11/23 Stephen Molloy Memorial (A2) Galway 525y Grangeview Dude Jamie Hogan 28.94s
24/11/23 2023 Fonez Galway Oaks (AAO) Galway 525y Droopys Mandolin Robert Gleeson 28.49s
24/11/23 Jim McCann Memorial 525 Final (A4) Shelbourne 525y Lima Rose Oliver Bray 28.89s
24/11/23 RCETS ON2/ON3 525 Final (ON2) Shelbourne 525y Tory Abbie Adam Dunford 28.68s
25/11/23 Inter Track Betting 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Road Exile Pat Buckley 18.41s
25/11/23 Con Murphy Bookmakers A1 Stake (A1) Limerick 525y Barefoot Awesome Paul Hennessy 28.50s
25/11/23 Greyhound Racing Ireland Open Bitch (AAO) Limerick 525y Annual Coco Graham Holland 28.77s
25/11/23 2023 Irish St. Leger (AAO) Limerick 550y Clonbrien Treaty Graham Holland 29.51s
25/11/23 Greyhounds Make Great Pets 600 (AAO) Limerick 600y Blackstone Lacey M O'Donovan 32.05 TR
25/11/23 BoyleSports.Com Novice 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Rallying Rocket Neilus O'Connell 42.28s
25/11/23 Willwego.Com Novice 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Clonbrien Ollie J & K Murphy 42.09s
01/12/23 Paul McKenna Memorial Final (A5) Galway 525y Sober Mags David Flanagan 28.98s
01/12/23 Winter Racing Festival A4 525 Final (A4) Shelbourne 525y Jaxx Vivienne Beatrice Steiner 28.90s
01/12/23 WRF (No Backgraders) A3 525 Final (A3) Shelbourne 525y Silver Strand David Murray 28.55s
01/12/23 Shelbourne Park Regulars A2/A3 Final (A2) Shelbourne 525y Scotty Scheffler Ray Melia 28.60s
01/12/23 Champion Old Stagers (June 20 or Older) (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Hawkfield Ozark John McGee 28.55s
01/12/23 Retired Greyhound Trust A1 525 Final (A1) Shelbourne 525y Forest Willow Peter Cronin 28.29s
01/12/23 The RCETS AO 525 Final (AO) Shelbourne 525y Lotto Other News Shauwn Conway 28.25s
01/12/23 Festival 525 (AO) Shelbourne 525y Kapuka Warrior K Ramsbottom 28.37s
01/12/23 Talking Dogs Bitches (AAO) Shelbourne 525y BoyleSports Coco Dolores Ruth 28.33s
01/12/23 The VolksBank 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Unanimous Kai Ciaran O'Sullivan 28.41s
01/12/23 This Runs Deep 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Captain Garfio Ken Busteed 28.73s
01/12/23 Greyhound Racing Ireland (AO) Shelbourne 525y Ryhobe Beach M O'Donovan 32.24s
01/12/23 The Festival Continues Tomorrow Night 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Pennys Lynx Rosemary Price 29.69s
02/12/23 Barking Buzz App Novice 750 (DDO/8) Shelbourne 750y Delightful Izzy Robert Roberts 41.41s
02/12/23 This Runs Deep Festival 350 SSO) Shelbourne 350y Ballinakill Alf Graham Holland 18.49s
02/12/23 Shelbourne Juvenile (Sept 21 or younger) (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Seven Beach J O'Donnell 28.13s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival Champioship (AAO) Shelbourne 525y High Trend Graham Holland 28.16s
02/12/23 2023 IGOBF National Puppy (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Whyaye Bonnylad Robert Gleeson 28.15s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival Champioship Bitch (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Droopys Mandolin Robert Gleeson 28.15s
02/12/23 Greyhound Racing Ireland Champion Bitch (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Ballinabola Una Pat Buckley 29.66s
02/12/23 RCETS 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Ballymac Walt Liam Dowling 29.29s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival Championship 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Another Holiday M O'Donovan 29.48s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival 575 (AAO) Shelbourne 575y Music Glideaway Pat Guilfoyle 30.69s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival 600 (AAO) Shelbourne 600y Bens Teddy Pat Buckley 31.92s
02/12/23 Winter Racing Festival Champiuonship 750 (DDO) Shelbourne 750y Garfiney Blaze Graham Holland 41.23s
02/12/23 Retired Greyhound Trust Stayers 850 (DDO) Shelbourne 850y Highjay Muzzy Steven Maher 47.53s
08/12/23 €12,000 Deadly Kennels 525 (A2) Kilkenny 525y Bogger Hunter Liam Peacock 28.93s
09/12/23 Fireworks On Barrack Street Open 330 (SSO) Cork 330y Glory Baz Graham Holland 17.78s
09/12/23 The O'Duffy Down The Lee 525 (AO) Cork 525y Grouchos Vic David Carroll 28.23s
09/12/23 Bomb O'Clock Open 525 (AAO) Cork 525y Romeo Kingpin Graham Holland 28.23s
09/12/23 The Kearys 575 (A3) Cork 575y Dalcash Dapper Tom & M Doyle Jnr 31.34s
16/12/23 Shelbourne Marathon 1025 Final (DDO) Shelbourne 1025y Hijay Muzzy Steven Mahar 58.89s
22/12/23 Eric Browne Memorial Kingdom Derby (AAO) Tralee 525y Road Exile Pat Buckley 28.02s
22/12/23 Springmount Kennels A2 550 Stake (A2) Cork 550y Fifteen Bold Eamonn Morton 30.21s
22/12/23 Elite Contracting Open 575 Stake (AAO) Cork 575y Easy Razzle John Linehan 31.42s
22/12/23 F & T Campion Memorial Guys & Dolls (A3) Clonmel 525y Blantyre Lady Adam Dunford 29.38s
22/12/23 Sean Scully Memorial (A4) Galway 525y Skid Road Joe Owen McDonagh 29.43s
29/12/23 Christmas Cracker 525 (A4) Shelbourne 525y Sitandsteer Oliver Bray 28.92s
29/12/23 Happy New Year (No BG) 525 (A3) Shelbourne 525y Glenluce Fraser Black 28.66s
29/12/23 Seasons Greetings 525 (A2/A3) Shelbourne 525y Swift Bafta William White 28.94s
29/12/23 Festive Season Bitch 525 (A2) Shelbourne 525y Headinthewindow Murt Leahy 29.08s
29/12/23 Retired Greyhound Trust (NB) 525 (AO) Shelbourne 525y Droopys Kamari Murt Leahy 28.61s
29/12/23 2023 Shelbourne Christmas Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Rathdown Molly Marie Gilbert 28.43s
29/12/23 RCETS 525 (AAO) Shelbourne 525y Another Holiday M O'Donovan 28.33s
29/12/23 Barking Buzz 550 (A1) Shelbourne 550y Fantasy Moll Adam Dunford 29.98s
29/12/23 Rasailocht Con Eireann 550 (AAO) Shelbourne 550y Blackstone Lacey M O'Donovan 29.67s
29/12/23 Talking Dogs 575 (AAO) Shelbourne 575y Hukum Adam Dunford 30.97s
29/12/23 This Runs Deep 600 (A2) Shelbourne 600y Pharis Jerry Conall Doherty 33.10s
30/12/23 Dintys Bar & Restaurant Union Hall Stake (ON2) Cork 525y Strike It Pisazz Ryan McCarthy 29.79s
30/12/23 Pluckanes Magic 525 Stake (A6) Cork 525y Elegant Surfer John Falvey 29.50s
30/12/23 Mary O'Sullivan Memorial 525 Stake (A3) Cork 525y Ballydague Rebel Tom O'Neil 29.04s
30/12/23 Limerick & Clare GOBA 525 Stake (A6) Limerick 525y Montore Harry James Treacy 29.90s
30/12/23 Limerick & Clare GOBA 525 Stake (A4) Limerick 525y Tally Ho Rocket Walls-Of-Tally-Ho 29.60s

Disclaimer: All race sponsors and final dates are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of this results page. (AR = Amended Result, DH = Dead Heat, H = Hurdle Race, HT = Hand-Timed, NR = National Record for distance, TR = Track Record)