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2021 English Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
22/01/21 2021 Coral Essex Vase Romford 575m Antigua Romeo Mark Wallis (Henlow) 34.66s
06/02/21 TRC Health & Hygiene Blue Riband Towcester 500m Kilara Lion Patrick Janssens (CPark) 29.73s
20/02/21 Welcome To Hope Jeal Trophy Crayford 380m Final Moon Kim Billingham (Monmore) 23.39s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Sprint Crayford 380m Belfast Fellaini Jim Daly (Crayford) 23.14s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Foxrock Brae Julie Luckhurst (Crayford) 23.78s
20/02/21 Peter Bussey Memorial Crayford 540m Woodcocks Akia Nick Deas (Crayford) 33.76s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket 540 Crayford 540m Gerrys Sky Claude Gardiner (Hove) 33.94s
20/02/21 Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Nomansland Flyer Ricky Holloway (CPark) 34.13s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Stayers Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Meenagh Maverick Ricky Holloway (CPark) 34.42s
20/02/21 2021 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket - Final Crayford 714m Punk Rock Mutley Stuart Maplesden (Hove) 45.78s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Consolation Trophy Crayford 714m Avastorm Mark Wallis (Henlow) 45.42s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket Marathon Crayford 874m Savana Proseco Frank Gray (Henlow) 56.98s
20/02/21 Ladbrokes Golden Jacket 1048 Crayford 1048m Micks Little Gem Michelle Brown (Henlow) 68.59s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes Winter Festival 264 Monmore 264m Ballymac Micko Jim Reynolds (Crayford) 15.56s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 480 Puppy Monmore 480m Blastoff Mason Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.42s
27/02/21 2021 Ladbrokes Puppy Derby - Final Monmore 480m Jaguar Macie Graham Rankin (PGrange) 28.04s
27/02/21 2021 Ladbrokes Winter Derby - Final Monmore 480m Signet Ace Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 28.08s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 480 Final Monmore 480m Pacemaker Ted Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 28.36s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 480 Monmore 480m Magical Arrow Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 28.28s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 630 Final Monmore 630m Bubbly Dave Paul Young (Romford) 38.27s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 630 Monmore 630m Sparta Master Sharon Thompson (Hen) 38.18s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 630 Monmore 630m Velvet Juliette Angela Harrison (Newc) 38.13s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 684 Monmore 684m Clever Airmount Barrie Draper (Sheffield) 41.35s
27/02/21 Ladbrokes 900 Monmore 900m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 55.95s TR
19/03/21 Steve Simmonds Sprint Final Romford 225m Frainey Forever Belinda Green (Hove) 13.55s
19/03/21 2021 Coral Golden Sprint Romford 400m Bockos Jon Jo Patrick Janssens (CPark) 23.77s
19/03/21 Goldies Hoddle Retirement Race Romford 575m Droopys Addition Gemma Evans (Romford) 34.80s
19/03/21 Stuart Roberts Quicksilver Final Romford 575m Desperado Dan Patrick Janssens (CPark) 35.21s
19/03/21 Tony Byerley Mercury Final Romford 750m Bubbly Crystal Paul Young (Romford) 46.98s
22/03/21 Arc Maiden Dash Trophy Nottingham 255m Freedom Whisky Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 15.28s
22/03/21 BGBF British Bred Midland Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m King Sam Liz McNair (Central Park) 17.60s
22/03/21 BGBF British Breeders Stakes Nottingham 500m King Louis Liz & Rab McNair (CPark) 29.63s
22/03/21 Arc Maiden Marathon Trophy Nottingham 905m Barnagrane Amber Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 56.61s
31/03/21 Arc Northern Puppy Derby Newcastle 480m Jaguar Macie Graham Rankin (PGrange) 28.52s
04/04/21 2021 Cearnsports Springbok Central Park 480m (H) Droopys Rex David Mullins (Romford) 29.94s
13/04/21 Health & Hygiene Northamptonshire Sprint Towcester 270m Bockos Jon Jo Patrick Janssens (CPark) 16.10s
20/04/21 ARC Grand Prix Sunderland 640m Coolavanny Bani Angela Harrison (Newc) 39.21s
20/04/21 Racing Post Juvenile (IV) Towcester 500m Ballymac Trend Kevin Boon (Towcester) 29.62s
22/04/21 Greyhound Racing on Sky Dash Perry Barr 275m Geelo Gold Dust Carl Perry (Sheffield) 16.17s
22/04/21 Arena Racing Company Puppy Stake Perry Barr 480m Toast Of Sydney Julie Bateson (Unatt) 28.38s
22/04/21 Arena Racing Company Laurels Perry Barr 480m Havana Class Liz McNair (Central Park) 28.68s
22/04/21 Arena Racing Company Stayers Perry Barr 660m Savana Darn Hot Diane Henry (Henlow) 40.38s
22/04/21 Sky Sports Racing Virgin 535 Marathon Perry Barr 915m Savana Volcano Diane Henry (Henlow) 56.50s TR
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship Sprint Hove 285m Tommys Pluto Claude Gardiner (Hove) 16.28s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Championship Sprint Div 1 Hove 285m Blastoff Mason Seamus Cahill (Hove) 16.32s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship 500 Div 1 Hove 500m Shelbys Memory Arran Dunn (Monmore) 29.35s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship 500 Div 2 Hove 500m Sharp Darcy Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.28s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship Bitches Hove 500m Jezabel Julie Norah McEllistrim (Hove) 29.68s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Championship Bitches Div 1 Hove 500m Newinn Liz Gemma Evans (Romford) 29.24s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship 515 Div 1 Hove 515m Droopys Addition Gemma Evans (Romford) 29.71s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Track Championship 515 Div 2 Hove 515m Jaguar Fury Alma Keppie (Hove) 30.07s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Championship Stayers Div 1 Hove 695m Blue Tick George Jim Daly (Crayford) 41.36s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain Championship Stayers Div 2 Hove 695m Florian Trend Nathan Hunt (Romford) 42.38s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain TC Super Stayers Div 1 Hove 740m Southfield Code Kevin Hutton (Monmore) 44.51s
01/05/21 RPGTV Entain TC Super Stayers Div 2 Hove 740m Three Ems Paul Young (Romford) 45.15s
09/05/21 2021 RPGTV GRAND NATIONAL Central Park 480m (H) Meenagh Maverick Ricky Holloway (CPark) 29.53s
11/05/21 BGBF British Bred Dual Distance Stakes Sheffield 500m Denmark Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 29.06s
18/05/21 KAB Maiden Derby Towcester 500m Thorn Falcon Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.24s
19/05/21 Arena Racing Company Northern Flat Newcastle 480m Pacemaker Ted Tom Heilbron (Newcastle) 28.37s
22/05/21 264 Final Monmore 264m Glengar Ronan Julie Bateson (Unattached) 15.49s
22/05/21 480 Bitches Final Monmore 480m Luna Rocket Lee Field (Monmore) 28.64s
22/05/21 480 Standard Final Monmore 480m Coolavanny Kyser Mark Wallis (Henlow) 28.36s
22/05/21 Gordon Bissett Retirement Trophy Monmore 630m Daddys Prince Stuart Buckland (Mon) 37.96s
22/05/21 2021 Ladbrokes TV Trophy Final Monmore 900m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 55.00s TR
28/05/21 Rosebowl Romford 575m Fight The Power Carol Weatherall (Sheff) 35.11s
29/05/21 Michael Swales Memorial Race Crayford 714m Fatboyz Trixie Mark Wallis (Henlow) 45.76s
29/05/21 Quickcall Maintenence Sprint Yarmouth 277m Iccals Rocco John Mullins (Towcester) 16.50s
29/05/21 Quickcall Family Puppies Yarmouth 462m Blastoff Mason Seamus Cahill (Hove) 27.57s
29/05/21 George Ing St Leger Final Yarmouth 659m Blue Tick George Jim Daly (Crayford) 40.31s
29/05/21 Quickcall Plumbing Marathon Yarmouth 843m Slippy Eva Seamus Cahill (Hove) 51.08s
16/06/21 BGBF British Bred Maiden Derby Newcastle 480m Alnwick Matt Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.77s
19/06/21 King Kane Memorial Marathon Towcester 942m Savana Volcano Diane Henry (Towcester) 58.90s
20/06/21 The ARC Puppy Cup Sunderland 450m Skywalker Stan Ted Soppitt (Newcastle) 27.28s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Guys & Dolls Crayford 380m Punk Rock Doll Stuart Maplesden (Hove) 23.00s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Kent Champion Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Coolavanny Archy Seamus Cahill (Hove) 24.27s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Summer Hurdle Crayford 380m (H) Bang On Sonia Nathan Hunt (Romford) 23.69s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Kent Vase Crayford 540m Ballynabee Jet Samantha West (Hove) 34.03s
26/06/21 Sarah Mullins Memorial Trophy Crayford 540m Ragtime Storm Daniel Brabon (CPark) 34.44s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Hurdle Crayford 540m (H) Meenagh Maverik Ricky Holloway (CPark) 34.03s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Kent St Leger Crayford 714m Bo Shine Bullet Mark Wallis (Henlow) 45.55s
26/06/21 Ladbrokes Summer Marathon Crayford 874m Millbank Marcela Jim Daly (Crayford) 57.60s
26/06/21 ENGLISH DERBY 1st QTR FINAL Towcester 500m Deerfield Sydney Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.13s
26/06/21 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd QTR FINAL Towcester 500m Gaytime Milo Graham Holland (IRE) 29.40s
26/06/21 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd QTR FINAL Towcester 500m Thorn Falcoln Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.48s
26/06/21 ENGLISH DERBY 4th QTR FINAL Towcester 500m Knockaboul Syd Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.23s
03/07/21 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Ballymac Fairone Liam Dowling (IRE) 29.08s
03/07/21 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL Towcester 500m Newinn Session Graham Holland (IRE) 29.33s
10/07/21 RPGTV Watling Street Sprint Towcester 270m Havana Class Liz & Rab McNair (CPark) 15.45s TR
10/07/21 2021 STAR SPORTS & TRC DERBY FINAL Towcester 500m Thorn Falcoln Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.06s
10/07/21 RPGTV Derby Plate Towcester 500m Bubbly Bollinger Paul Young (Romford) 29.24s
10/07/21 BGBF Truframe BB Champion Stakes Towcester 500m Pocket Lola Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.63s
10/07/21 RPGTV Notebook Ladies Stakes Towcester 500m Droopys Aoife Gemma Evans (Romford) 29.55s
10/07/21 Jeal Ladies Stakes Towcester 500m Angry Dad Peter Cronin (IRE) 29.31s
10/07/21 Madri Exceptional Cup Towcester 500m Detroit John Mullins (Towcester) 29.59s
10/07/21 Stakes Towcester 500m Getwiththetimes David Elcock (Henlow) 29.96s
10/07/21 Bob Betts Memorial Trophy Towcester 500m Queen Beyonce Liz & Rab McNair (CPark) 29.71s
10/07/21 Sky RPGTV Starsports Trophy Towcester 500m All About Ted Peter Cronin (IRE) 29.65s
10/07/21 Download Starsports App Stakes Towcester 500m Coom Leo Pat Buckley (IRE) 29.66s
10/07/21 Gain Greyhound Nutrition Challenge Cup Towcester 712m Kishlawn Shakira David Mullins (Romford) 43.76s
10/07/21 Starsports Lay To Lose £5K Stakes Towcester 942m Three Ems Paul Young (Romford) 59.62s
10/07/21 1st Containers Dorando Marathon Towcester 942m Savana Volcano Diane Henry (Towcester) 58.62s
20/07/21 Stadium Bookmakers Juvenile Classic Towcester 500m Brookside Richie David Mullins (Romford) 29.48s
30/07/21 Doug Tyler Summer Cup Romford 575m Droopys Aoife Gemma Evans (Romford) 35.34s
31/07/21 Crawley Trophies Bitches Cup Hove 500m Anniversary Girl Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.45s
31/07/21 Seasons Scaffolding Puppy Cup Hove 500m Trumps Benefit Carol Weatherall (Sheff) 29.19s
31/07/21 Bockos Doomie Memorial Invitation Hove 515m Bubbly Bollinger Paul Young (Romford) 30.05s
31/07/21 2021 Coral Sussex Cup Hove 515m Drumcrow Bent Mark Wallis (Henlow) 29.89s
31/07/21 2021 Coral Regency Hove 695m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 41.56s
31/07/21 Coral Marathon (IV) Hove 955m Antigua Lava Mark Wallis (Henlow) 58.60s TR
21/08/21 Ladbrokes 540 Guys & Dolls Trophy Crayford 540m Droopys Dial Julie Luckhurst (Cray) 33.95s
21/08/21 264 Monmore 264m Headford Buzz Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 15.33s
21/08/21 Puppy 480 Monmore 480m Moanteen Mikey Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.51s
21/08/21 2021 Ladbrokes Gold Cup Monmore 480m Minglers Popeye Stuart Tighe (Newcastle) 28.45s
21/08/21 Keith Timmins Memorial Trophy Monmore 480m Dualla Prince June McCombe (Donc) 28.71s
21/08/21 2021 Ladbrokes Summer Stayers Classic Monmore 630m Coolavanny Bani Angela Harrison (Newc) 37.87s
21/08/21 630 Monmore 630m Droopys Conrad Angela Harrison (Newc) 38.14s
22/08/21 Stadium Bookmakers Marathon Towcester 942m Savana Volcano Diane Henry (Towcester) 58.27s
23/08/21 BGBF British Bred Oaks Doncaster 483m Russanda Silver Sean Parker (Doncaster) 30.07s
30/08/21 ARC Puppy Classic Nottingham 500m Bubbly Apache Paul Young (Romford) 29.53s
30/08/21 2021 ARC Select Stakes Nottingham 500m Signet Ace Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.72s
30/08/21 ARC Select Stayers Stakes Nottingham 730m Barnagrane Amber Jimmy Fenwick (Newc) 44.92s
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Judgement Night Sprint Nottingham 305m Icaals Rocco John Mullins (Towcester) 17.95s
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Judgement Night Puppy Nottingham 480m Moanteen Mickey Angela Harrison (Newc) 28.41s
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Night Bitches" Nottingham 500m Coolavanny Aunty (AH) & Smallmead (JM) 29.48 DH
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Night Maiden Nottingham 500m March On Magic Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.72s
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Night Standard Nottingham 500m Signet Ace Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 29.32s
06/09/21 ARC/Entain Trainers' Night Stayers Nottingham 680m Southfield Code Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 41.54s
07/09/21 Gain Greyhound Nutrition 3 Steps To Victory Sheffield 660m Savana Eruption Diane Henry (Towcester) 39.14s
08/09/21 RPGTV On Sportystuff TV Maiden Harlow 592m Waste House Izzy David Mullins (Romford) 38.71s
08/09/21 RPGTV 20 Meetings A Week Stayers Harlow 592m Roseville Tiger Robert Emery (Harlow) 38.65s
11/09/21 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Hurdle Trophy Crayford 540m (H) Roxholme Biscuit Ricky Hollaway (CPark) 33.61s
15/09/21 Greene King IPA Sprint - Grand Final Yarmouth 277m Ballymac Slapup John Mullins (Towcester) 16.15s
15/09/21 2021 Bresbet 75th East Anglian Derby Yarmouth 462m Antigua Storm Mark Wallis (Henlow) 27.78s
15/09/21 Derby Purse - Grand Final Yarmouth 659m Bettys Book Kevin Boon (Yarmouth) 40.20s
19/09/21 75th Two-Year-Old Produce Stakes Swindon 476m Pocket Lola Seamus Cahill (Hove) 28.15s
24/09/21 Coral Romford Puppy Cup Romford 400m Brookside Richie David Mullins (Romford) 23.68s
26/09/21 Stadium Bookmakers Empress Stakes Towcester 500m Coolavanny Aunty Angela Harrison (Newc) 29.34s
30/09/21 Arena Racing Company Dash Perry Barr 275m Crossfield Dusty Patrick Janssens (Towc) 15.84s
30/09/21 Arena Racing Company Puppy Stake Perry Barr 480m Signet Denver Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 28.28s
30/09/21 M Lambe Construction Birmingham Cup Perry Barr 480m Candy Man Carol Weatherall (Sheff) 28.10s
30/09/21 2021 ARC English St Leger Perry Barr 710m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (CPark) 42.59s TR
30/09/21 Arena Racing Company Marathon Perry Barr 915m Aayamza Royale Mark Wallis (Henlow) 56.42s TR
10/10/21 Property 192 Graders Derby - Grand Final Towcester 500m DeanridgeAwesom Allison Kelly-Pilgrim (Cray) 29.57s
17/10/21 Arena Racing Company Kent Derby Central Park 480m Galaxy Freedom Stuart Maplesden (Hove) 29.26s
17/10/21 BGBF Puppy Cup Towcester 470m Moments Of Magic Kevin Hutton (Towcester) 27.62s TR
22/10/21 Coral Champion Stakes Plate Romford 575m Warzone Tom Liz McNair (CPark) 34.76s
22/10/21 2021 Coral Champion Stakes Romford 575m Night Time Danny Steve Rayner (Henlow) 34.94s
22/10/21 Mitch Milward Marathon Romford 750m Blueberry Bullet Mark Wallis (Henlow) 47.03s
23/10/21 Ladbrokes Autumn Hurdle Trophy Crayford 380m (H) Darbys Bullet Ricky Holloway (CPark) 23.86s
23/10/21 Ladbrokes Autumn Guys & Dolls Trophy Crayford 540m Popworld Heather Dimmock (Towc) 33.38s
23/10/21 Tony Huggins Memorial Trophy Monmore 630m Bettys Book Kevin Boon (Towcester) 38.68s
24/10/21 1st Containers Marathon Towcester 912m      
28/10/21 2021 ARC Scurry Gold Cup Perry Barr 275m      
28/10/21 2021 ARC English Oaks Perry Barr 480m      
30/10/21 Brinkleys Poet @ Stud Young Guns Sheffield 480m      
30/10/21 BresBet British Bred Maiden Sheffield 500m      
30/10/21 BresBet Steel City Cup Sheffield 500m      
13/11/21 Ladbrokes Dual Distance Hurdle Trophy Crayford 540m (H)      
13/11/21 Ladbrokes Long Dual Distance Trophy Crayford 874m      
14/11/21 Stadium Bookmakers Hunt Cup Towcester 712m      
18/11/21 Arena Racing Company Classic Sunderland 450m      
27/11/21 Ladbrokes Kent Rose Bowl Crayford 380m      
27/11/21 2021 Ladbrokes Gold Collar Crayford 540m      
27/11/21 Ladbrokes Kent National Hurdle Crayford 540m (H)      
27/11/21 2021 Ladbrokes Cesarewitch Crayford 874m      
28/11/21 Gain Greyhound Nutrition Sovereign Stakes Towcester 270m      
29/11/21 480 Trophy Nottingham 480m      
29/11/21 Arena Racing Company Eclipse Stakes Nottingham 500m      
29/11/21 Guys & Dolls Stayers Trophy Nottingham 680m      
18/12/21 Coral Brighton Belle Hove 515m      
18/12/21 Coral Greyhound Olympic Hove 515m      
18/12/21 George Curtis & Ballyregan Bob Memorial Hove 695m      
19/12/21 ARC Champion Hurdle Central Park 480m (H)      
21/12/21 BGBF British Bred Derby Sheffield 500m      
26/12/21 Boxing Day Chase Central Park 480m (H)      
xx/xx/21 Boxing Day Marathon Crayford 874m      
xx/xx/21 RK-Barton Triumph Hurdle Romford 400m (H)      
xx/xx/21 Tony Williams Dual Distance Romford 575m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF British Bred Maidens Final Romford 400m      
xx/xx/21 Great North Run Newcastle 670m      
xx/xx/21 Henlow Gold Cup Henlow 550m      
xx/xx/21 Bresmed Northern Sprint Sheffield 280m      
xx/xx/21 Distant Kennels Puppy Invitation (IV) Towcester 500m      
xx/xx/21 Brian Hill Memorial Stakes (IV) Towcester 500m      
xx/xx/21 Colossus Bets Silver Salver Central Park 265m      
xx/xx/21 RPGTV Sprint Cup Newcastle 290m      
xx/xx/21 RPGTV Puppy Cup Newcastle 480m      
xx/xx/21 RPGTV Angel Of The North Newcastle 480m      
xx/xx/21 2021 RPGTV All England Cup Newcastle 480m      
xx/xx/21 Betfred Gymcrack Kinsley 462m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m      
xx/xx/21 Ladbrokes Sprint Trophy Crayford 380m      
xx/xx/21 Coors Light Puppy Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 Carling Black Fruits Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 Bedfordshire Mini Derby Henlow 428m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF Sprint Trophy Harlow 238m      
xx/xx/21 Bedfordshire Sprint Henlow 277m      
xx/xx/21 MSCM Limited Puppy Trophy Nottingham 480m      
xx/xx/21 MSCM Lowther Stakes (Bitches) Nottingham 480m      
xx/xx/21 Trafalgar Puppy Cup Monmore 480m      
xx/xx/21 Dunham Greyhound Centre 450 Doncaster 450m      
xx/xx/21 SIS Yorkshire St Leger Doncaster 661m      
xx/xx/21 Watson Family Marathon Doncaster 890m      
xx/xx/21 Henlow Derby Henlow 460m      
xx/xx/21 Maiden Stayers Trophy Crayford 714m      
xx/xx/21 Henlow Maiden Derby Henlow 460m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF British Bred Scurry Harlow 415m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF British Bred Sprint Newcastle 290m      
xx/xx/21 BGBF Northern Maiden Standard Newcastle 480m      
xx/xx/21 Star Sports Sprint Trophy Nottingham 305m      
xx/xx/21 Star Sports Puppy Trophy Nottingham 480m      
xx/xx/21 Star Sports Senior Trophy Nottingham 480m      
xx/xx/21 RPGTV Puppy Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 Westmead Legacy Natalie Savva Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 Star Sports Bet Ladies Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 The Arena Racing Company Trophy Nottingham 500m      
xx/xx/21 RPGTV Stayers Trophy Nottingham 680m      
xx/xx/21 Truframe Champion Stayers Trophy Nottingham 730m      
xx/xx/21 2021 StarSports English Puppy Derby Towcester 500m      
xx/xx/21 Kent County Hurdle Central Park 480 (H)      
xx/xx/21 BGBF St Leger Central Park 642m      
xx/xx/21 64th Championship Grand Final (A1) Yarmouth 462m      
xx/xx/21 Jimmy Jupp National Hurdle Hove 515m (H)      
xx/xx/21 Mark Lennox Memorial Newcastle 480m      
xx/xx/21 Bob Holmes Memorial Sheffield 500m      
xx/xx/21 Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup Sheffield 500m      
xx/xx/21 Harry Holmes Memorial Sheffield 660m      

2021 Irish Greyhound Results and Fixtures

Date Race Title Venue Distance Winner Trainer Win Time
30/01/21 Johnny Waters Memorial (A5) Limerick 525y Dannos Rambler David Nolan 29.17s
05/02/21 The Painstown Kennels (A1/A2) Shelbourne Park 550y Lockdown T O'Donovan 30.16s
06/02/21 Epic Hero Leger Winner (No Back Graders) (A3) Limerick 525y Bling Bling Paul John Meehan 28.88s
06/02/21 2021 Best Car Parks Gold Cup (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Inforapenny Kieran Lynch 28.97s
13/02/21 Open 575 Stake (AAO) Curraheen Park 575y Beach Avenue Paul Hennessy 31.04s
13/02/21 Paul McKenna Memorial (A5/A6) Galway 575y Kiss An Angel Mullins/Curtin 31.42s
13/02/21 Crossfield Kennels Stakes (A7) Tralee 525y Drifting Jet Billy Keogh 29.42s
16/02/21 Rasaiocht Con Eireann Novice A3/A9 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Bows Hill Tiger Andrew Weldon 42.05s
19/02/21 Bull Run Bolt @ Stud 575 (A3) Shelbourne Park 575y Boynepark Case Pat Norris 31.64s
26/02/21 John O'Dwyer Memorial Open Sprint (SSO/1) Clonmel 300y Russian Blake Graham Holland 16.25s
26/02/21 Rural Hawaii @ Stud Unraced Stake (ON2) Clonmel 525y Jackslittlething Graham Holland 28.52s
26/02/21 Frightful Flash Kennels Novice 525 (ON2) Kilkenny 525y Blackstone Teddy Patrick Sinnott 29.50s
06/03/21 The 2021 Cork Cup (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Fitzys Last Liam Fitzgerald 28.84s
06/03/21 Droopys Biker @ Stud Open 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Ballymac Wisdom Liam Dowling 41.40s
06/03/21 Reddan Windows Champion Bitch Stake (AAO) Thurles Park 525y Skywalker Cilla Mark O'Donovan 28.82s
12/03/21 The Soul & Cushie Jet @ Stud (A3) Shelbourne Park 525y Miss Clover D Loughnane 28.99s
12/03/21 Greyhound & Petworld Juvenile Classic (ON1) Tralee 525y Singalong Sally Pat Buckley 28.58s
13/03/21 The Bull Run Bolt @ Stud 525 (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Gortkelly Nestor Andrew Murray 28.53s
13/03/21 The 2021 Ladbrokes Easter Cup (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Knocknaboul Syd Pat Buckley 30.08s
13/03/21 The Shelbourne A1 575 (A1) Shelbourne Park 575y Droopys Wyatt Robert Gleeson 31.21s
25/03/21 Brownstone Tango NTS Unraced Bitch Stake (ON1) Newbridge 525y Good Diva Maria Kennedy 28.72s
25/03/21 Epic Hero (Leger Hero) A3/A4 Stake Final (A3) Clonmel 525y Lynchy Boy Paraic Campion 29.30s
26/03/21 Pat C Sabbath @ Stud A3 Final (A3) Kilkenny 525y Triangle Ricardo Nicholas Nolan 29.39s
26/03/21 Ballymac Anton @ Stud McCalmont Cup (A1) Kilkenny 525y Dark Devil 'Murt' Leahy 29.26s
27/03/21 2021 SIS Cork Oaks (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Clona Skye Graham Holland 28.84s
05/04/21 Future Champion & Michael Fortune Memorial (ON1) Enniscorthy 525y Sons Of Sons Joe Devlin 29.24s
05/04/21 Future Champion & Michael Donohoe Memorial Plate Enniscorthy 525y Indian Prayer Pat Whelen 29.34s
16/04/21 The Retired Greyhound Trust A3 Final (A3) Shelbourne Park 570y Razldazl Curtis Neilus O'Connell 31.20s
16/04/21 John & Mary Killeacle Dowling Memorial (A1) Tralee 570y Floco J O'Sullivan 31.08s
17/04/21 The Retired Greyhound Trust (A1) Shelbourne Park 525y Show Business Jonathan Rolle 28.57s
17/04/21 The Greyhound Racing Ireland AO Final (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Kishlawn Amelia Gavin Nolan 28.57s
17/04/21 The Shelbourne Open 600 Final (DDO) Shelbourne Park 600y Ballymac Wild Liam Dowling 32.38s
20/04/21 2021 Waterford Select Stakes (AAO) Waterford 525y Skywalker Barry Mark O'Donovan 28.14s
20/04/21 Waterford Track Supporters Club (DDO) Waterford 730y Coolavanny Abba Mark O'Donovan 41.19s
23/04/21 T.P. Weadick Open 725 (DDO) Kilkenny 725y Droopys Wyatt Robert Gleeson 40.94s
23/04/21 Talking Dogs Online TV 525 (A2) Shelbourne Park 525y Generous Energy Dream Killers 28.84s
24/04/21 2021 Greyhound & Petworld Super Sprint (SSO) Curraheen Park 330y Dustys Bandit Philip Rhodes 17.50s
24/04/21 Knockaboul Syd Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Two Amigos Jamie McGee 18.43s
24/04/21 Cube Print Open 350 (SSO) Limerick 350y Ballinakill Jet Graham Holland 18.54s
24/04/21 Slaneyside Kennels A2 525 (A2) Limerick 525y Azzabi T O'Donovan 28.56s
24/04/21 Deadly Kennels AO 525 (AO) Limerick 525y Own Spice John Browne 28.24s
24/04/21 Limerick & Clare GOBA A3 Final (A3) Limerick 525y Tallyho Hope Walls-Of-TallyHo 29.09s
24/04/21 Newinn Taylor & Lenson Bocko @ Stud Bitch (A1) Limerick 525y Nutty Gem Brendan O'Shea 28.77s
24/04/21 Braveheart Bobby @ Stud Bitch (AAO) Limerick 525y Scooby Princess Jenny O'Donnell 28.24s
24/04/21 The Sean O'Connor Cup (AAO) Limerick 525y Navy Blue Graham Holland 28.38s
24/04/21 The Con & Annie Kirby Memorial (AAO) Limerick 525y Stonepark Leo Mark O'Donovan 28.38s
24/04/21 Gearoid Hegarty 2020 Hurler Of Year 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Aayamza Dream Robert Gleeson 41.77s
24/04/21 Red & White Collar Coursing Bred Sweep (ON1) Tralee 325y Ballymac Rule Liam Dowling 17.48s
01/05/21 Shelbourne Puppy Oaks (May 19 or Younger) (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Susie Sapphire Owen McKenna 28.44s
03/05/21 Tom The Piper Doyle Memorial (A5) Enniscorthy 525y So Solemn Brendan Doyle 29.05s
03/05/21 April A7 525 Final (A7) Mullingar 525y Kildallon Prince David Murray 30.20s
03/05/21 Talking Dogs Online TV 525 Final (A8) Mullingar 525y Bective Silver Joseph Quirke 29.91s
08/05/21 Retired Greyhound Trust (AO) Shelbourne Park 525y Gortkelly Nestor Andrew Murray 28.47s
08/05/21 Talking Dogs On TV (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Broadstrand Ryan John Linehan 28.25s
15/05/21 €17,500 Clona Blaze At Stud Open 525 (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Skywalker Barry Mark O' Donovan 28.16s
15/05/21 2021 SIS Limerick Oaks (AAO) Limerick 525y Scoopy Princess Jenny O'Donnell 28.39s
16/05/21 2021 SIS Irish Cesarewitch Open 600 (AAO) Mullingar 600y Amazing Alice Patrick Guilfoyle 33.20s
21/05/21 Islandbridge Sprint (SSO) Shelbourne Park 325y Deadly Big Show Mark O'Donovan 18.62s
28/05/21 Kilkenny Track Champion Open Unraced (ON1) Kilkenny 525y Serene Ace Mark O'Donovan 28.98s
29/05/21 Sorley O'Dornan Memorial Sprint (SSO) Clonmel 325y Seomra Nate Chris Houlihan 17.19 TR
29/05/21 Friends Of Drumbo Park & DTSC Novice 335 (SSO) Drumbo Park 335y Mindhowyougo Caitlin McGarry 17.72s
29/05/21 Friends Of Drumbo Park & DTSC 525 Final (AAO) Drumbo Park 525y Drumcrow Honey Roy Ruddy (NI) 28.73s
29/05/21 Friends Of Drumbo Park & DTSC 550 Final (AAO) Drumbo Park 550y Droopy Wyatt Robert Gleeson 30.38s
29/05/21 Lee Strand SS0-S1 325 (SSO/S1) Tralee 325y Drahan Jet Wayne Morris 17.28s
29/05/21 Lee Strand Butter 500 Stakes Div 1 Final (A3) Tralee 500y Skips Avatar John O'Neil 27.53s
29/05/21 Lee Strand Light Plus 500 Stakes Div 2 Final (A3) Tralee 500y Urlee Bomber 9 Daughters Syn 27.47s
29/05/21 2021 Lee Strand 550 Final (A3) Tralee 550y Drumulton Pilot Pat McMahon 29.84s
29/05/21 Lee Strand 750 (D2/D3) Tralee 750y Lanody Gazelle Johnny O'Sullian 42.52s
04/06/21 The K.G.O.B.A. A2 Final (A2) Kilkenny 525y Deadly Samuri K Ramsbottom 29.04s
05/06/21 Droopy Stud ON2 Stake Final (ON2) Clonmel 525y Strides Banjo Sharon Hunt 29.05s
05/06/21 Ballymac Kennels A1 525 Stake Final (A1) Clonmel 525y Newinn Sheedy Graham Holland 28.66s
05/06/21 Galloping Kennels A2 525 Stake Final (A2) Clonmel 525y Knock Skipper Robert Finn 28.66s
05/06/21 Larry O'Rourke National Produce Stakes (AAO) Clonmel 525y Explosive Boy Patrick Guilfoyle 28.28s
05/06/21 Riverside Kennels A2 550 Stake Final (A2) Clonmel 550y Gunboat Premier Sean Kenny 30.12s
07/06/21 Elite Canine Genetics Unraced Stake (ON2) Enniscorthy 525y Sovereign Boy Jim Scully 28.89s
12/06/21 The O'Learys Driving School Open 750 (DDO) Curraheen Park 750y Silverhill Karen Graham Holland 41.20s
12/06/21 Greyhound & Petworld Golden Muzzle (A1) Limerick 550y Blastoff Harry Paul Hennessy 29.83s
19/06/21 The Joe Dolan / ICC Open 350 Final (SSO) Shelbourne Park 350y Ballymac Rule Liam Dowling 18.71s
19/06/21 2021 Sporting Press Online Edition Irish Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Susie Sapphire Owen McKenna 28.15s
19/06/21 K.G.S.S.C. ON2/ON3 Stakes Final (ON2) Tralee 525y Sidewinder James O'Regan 28.42s
19/06/21 SIS Race Of Champions (AAO) Tralee 550y Explosive Boy Patrick Guilfoyle 29.36s
26/06/21 Widdess Fitzgibbon Pharmacy Treaty Cup (SSO) Limerick 350y Millrose Melody Leanne Rafferty 18.68s
03/07/21 The Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced (ON1) Curraheen Park 525y Dromana Bucko Mark O'Donovan 27.89s
03/07/21 RCETS App 525 Hurdle (HO) Curraheen Park 525y (H) Madabout Zeuz Barry Daly 29.42s
03/07/21 Track Bookmakers Open 550 (AAO) Curraheen Park 550y Ardrath Pearl John Kiely 29.66s
09/07/21 Ballymac Anton @ Stud Quad Distance Final (A5) Tralee 570y Hollyhill Davy Gerard Gubbins 29.31s
17/07/21 Michael Tobin Memorial (A4) Limerick 525y Ballyea Sydney Tom Flanagan 29.04s
16/07/21 Pestana @ Stud Hospital Stakes (A2) Tralee 525y Ballymac Luckily Liam Dowling 28.69s
17/07/21 Shelbourne Champion 550 (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Deadly Destroyer K Ramsbottam 29.36s
17/07/21 Corn Cuchulainn (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y Priceless Jet Paul Hennessy 41.39s
24/07/21 Bull Run Bolt @ Stud Stakes (A2) Curraheen Park 575y Balterio James O'Regan 31.31s
30/07/21 Maintenence and Retired 350 (S1) Galway Festival 350y Ougham Sky Luke Kilcoyne 19.20s
30/07/21 Greyhound 20 (A3) Galway Festival 525y Rathmeehan Dier John Browne 29.13s
30/07/21 Garmivit Extra 525 (A2) Galway Festival 525y Empire Jet Robert Sheehy 28.92s
30/07/21 Record Breaker 525 (A1) Galway Festival 525y Magical Poppy Patrick Guilfoyle 28.79s
30/07/21 Greyhound 28 550 (A3) Galway Festival 550y Last Attack John Ryan 30.72s
30/07/21 The RCETS Traceability App 550 (A4) Galway Festival 550y Brickhill Layla John Collins 30.65s
30/07/21 2021 Boylesports Derby Trial (AO/1) Galway Festival 550y Kilbannon Psycho Owen McDonagh 30.08s
30/07/21 Puppy & Sapling 575 (A4) Galway Festival 575y Cold Blow Martin Fahy 31.93s
30/07/21 Brown Bread Nugget 575 (A3) Galway Festival 575y Burnpark Brae Maria Browne 31.96s
31/07/21 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Open Bitch (AAO) Curraheen Park 550y Billys Diva Maria Kennedy 29.71s
31/07/21 RCETS Traceability App Novice 350 (ON3) Galway Festival 350y Jumeirah Emms Jimmy Buckley 19.26s
31/07/21 Welcome Back To Sports A6 Final (A6) Galway Festival 525y Breaghmore Pat Michael Corrigan 29.25s
31/07/21 Grangeview Ten @ Stud 525 (A4) Galway Festival 525y Kentucky Thomas Burke 29.21s
31/07/21 Welcome Back To Sports A2 Final (A2) Galway Festival 525y Springwell Thomo Denis Hannon 28.92s
31/07/21 Welcome Back To Sports A3 Final (A3) Galway Festival 550y Hazyhill Hare Colm O'Connell 30.43s
31/07/21 Boylesports Champion Plate (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Jackslittlething Graham Holland 29.31s
31/07/21 2021 Boylesports Champion Stakes (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y De Machine B Mathews 29.41s
06/08/21 Kilsheelan Gallop Guys & Dolls Stake Final (A3) Clonmel 525y Callmesteve Graham Holland 28.70s
06/08/21 Michael Doyle Memorial (A3) Shelbourne Park 525y Domingo Don N Monerawela 29.14s
06/08/21 DGOBA (September or Younger) 525 Final (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Gloss 'Murt' Leahy 28.39s
06/08/21 The RCETS Open Unraced 525 (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y Toolmaker Zipper Robert Gleeson 28.53s
07/08/21 Greyhounds Make Great Pets A3 Final (A3) Galway 350y Dance Pondo Tom Richardson 29.03s
07/08/21 Welcome Back To Sports A4 Final (A4) Galway 525y Racecourse Toni Noel Costello 29.26s
07/08/21 O'Connor Julian Vets Cashel Tri-Distance Final (A2) Limerick 600y Newcasle Slaney Liam Hayes 32.43s
07/08/21 Jimmy Mahoney & WTSC Memorial (A3) Waterford 525y Lemon Nicky Denis Lennon 28.73s
14/08/21 SIS A1 550 Waterford Guineas (A1) Waterford 525y Toker Highway Phil Lynch 30.08s
15/08/21 Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup (SSO) Dundalk 400y Good Cody John Kennedy 20.86s
20/08/21 Kingdom Greyhound Supplies Rose Of Tralee (A4) Tralee 525y Millridge Willow C M O'Mahoney 28.95s
04/09/21 The Jack, Mary & Brian Finn Memorial (ON3) Curraheen Park 525y Rosstemple Joey Noel Barron 29.21s
04/09/21 Peter Magnone Memorial (A3) Curraheen Park 525y Twelve Bold Eamonn Morton 28.87s
04/09/21 Greyhound & Petworld A1 Stake (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Lynchy Boy TJ Campion 28.44s
04/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 1st QTR - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Ballymac Ariel Liam Dowling 29.37s
04/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd QTR - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Singalong Sally Pat Buckley 29.70s
04/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 3rd QTR - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Susie Sapphire Owen McKenna 29.48s
04/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 4th QTR - FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Jackslittlething Graham Holland 29.23s
11/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY !st SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y All About Ted Peter Cronin 29.23s
11/09/21 BOYLESPORTS DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Susie Sapphire Owen McKenna 29.34s
11/09/21 Caseys Caravan & Camping Park 525 (ON1) Waterford 525y Twoinarow Pat Kiely 28.28s
11/09/21 Dave Collins Memorial Munster Oaks (AAO) Waterford 525y Clona Skye Graham Holland 28.41s
18/09/21 Rockybay Foley @ Stud AO Stake (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Tracton Tornado Kieran Lynch 28.38s
18/09/21 2021 SIS Cambrideshire Open 750 (DDO) Limerick 750y Jaytee Japan Paul Hennessy 41.88s
18/09/21 2021 BOYLESPORTS IRISH DERBY FINAL (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Susie Sapphire Owen McKenna 29.18s
18/09/21 Michael Fortune Memorial Derby Plate (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Kameko Graham Holland 29.49s
18/09/21 BoyleSports Irish Derby Consolation (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y Skywalker Cilla Mark O'Donovan 29.19s
24/09/21 Jag Building Services & KGOBA Derby Final (A1) Kilkenny 525y Hollyhill Sonny Paraic Campion 29.20s
09/10/21 Limerick Stadium A1 600 (A1) Limerick 600y Down An Hour John O'Neil 32.77s
09/10/21 Kasco Dog Foods 525 Final (ON2) Thurles Park 525y Cashen Ubari James Hannon 29.67s
16/10/21 2021 SIS Juvenile Derby (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y Droopys Gloss 'Murt' Leahy 28.49s
16/10/21 The RCETS AAO 600 Final (AAO) Shelbourne Park 600y Allforthebest H-D-J Syndicate 32.46s
22/10/21 The €11.500 Kilkenny Track A3 Final (A3) Kilkenny 525y Lemon Tossy Tom Lennon 28.93s
22/10/21 The Barking Buzz App Bitch Final (A2) Shelbourne Park 525y Burgess Cassie Shelia Spillane 28.50s
23/10/21 Youghal Track Supporters Club 330 (SO/1) Curraheen Park 330y Skylight Blake Nicholas Walsh 17.68s
23/10/21 The Bart Leahy Memorial 525 (A1) Curraheen Park 525y Berties Cuddles Kieran Lynch 28.65s
23/10/21 The Runninta Seeya Open 525 (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y Monraud Thunder Graham Holland 28.68s
23/10/21 The Clona Blaze @ Stud Open Bitch 525 (AO) Curraheen Park 525y Peckies Flyer Dean Harpur 28.47s
23/10/21 Friends Of Cork Irish Greyhound Laurels (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y One Time Only T O'Donovan 28.17s
23/10/21 Curraheen Park Bookmakers A4 550 Final (A4) Curraheen Park 550y Lemon Bartacus John Linehan 29.85s
23/10/21 The Jerry Hennerty Memorial 575 (AAO) Curraheen Park 575y JacobTashadalek Con Guiney 30.98s
23/10/21 The Droopys Stud Open 750 (DDO) Curraheen Park 750y Glowing Exile Andrew Lynch 41.88s
25/10/21 Unraced Stake (ON2) Enniscorthy 525y      
29/10/21 The Lodgefield Kennels A3 Stake (A3) Shelbourne Park 525y      
29/10/21 RCETS A1 Dual Distance 525/550 Final (A1) Shelbourne Park 550y      
30/10/21 SIS Fair Warrior Sprint (SSO) Mullingar 400y      
04/11/21 A1 550 (A1) Enniscorthy 550y      
05/11/21 Open Unraced Bitch Stake (ON2) Clonmel 525y      
06/11/21 Novice 750 (DDO) Shelbourne Park 750y      
06/11/21 Puppy Oaks (Nov 19 or Younger) (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      
12/11/21 Munster Juvenile Cup (AAO) Clonmel 525y      
13/11/21 A2 525 Stake (A2) Curaheen Park 525y      
26/11/21 Newbridge Oaks (AAO) Newbridge 525y      
26/11/21 Shelbourne Unraced Stake (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y      
26/11/21 Gold Collar (AAO) Shelbourne Park 550y      
27/11/21 Limerick Stadium Open Unraced (ON1) Limerick 525y      
27/11/21 2021 Matchbook Betting Exchange St Leger (AAO) Limerick 550y      
03/12/21 Winter Racing Festival - Gala Meeting Shelbourne Park Varied      
04/12/21 2021 Irish Grand National (HO) Curraheen Park 525y (H)      
04/12/21 Winter Racing Festival - Gala Meeting Shelbourne Park Varied      
04/12/21 Open 525 Stake (Jan 20 or Younger) (ON1) Shelbourne Park 525y      
17/12/21 Shelbourne Marathon (DDO) Shelbourne Park 1010y      
18/12/21 Open 575 Stake (AAO) Curraheen Park 525y      
21/12/21 Kingdom Derby (AAO) Tralee 525y      
23/12/21 Christmas Oaks (AAO) Shelbourne Park 525y      

Disclaimer: All race sponsors and final dates are subject to alterations and changes. Therefore no liability is taken in the accuracy of this results page. (DH = Dead Heat, H = Hurdle Race, HT = Hand-Timed, NR = National Record for distance, TR = Track Record)